Origami Sightings - In the News

Compiled by Janet Hamilton

On Tuesday, Dec. 30, 1997, the Wall Street Journal printed a small piece on its front page, part of which read: "Forget solitaire. You can take 'mini-vacations' at work by playing Happy Birthday on your telephone and using origami to make giraffes out of business cards, says Rick Davis, a corporate comic who founded the Institute of Totally Useless Skills."

May 1998 - On the computer page of a local paper in Phoenix under Web Sites of the Week was Clay Randall Jr's Money Origami site - http://members.cox.net/crandall11/money/ 

7/4/98 - Seen in a supplement of Saturday edition of The Guardian, UK. The supplement on "ethical tourism" sponsored by VSO shows a two story house made of several dollar bills. It appears to be genuine origami (not a mock up).

The Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME) printed directions for a traditional "printer's cap" on a sheet of brown "kraft" paper that it used to hold together all the advertising flyers on Christmas.

3/18/99 - St. Paul Pioneer Press article called “StrangeTV”
”From the Wisdom Channel and Chop TV to Origami, cable television is primed for a wave of ever-more-oddball shows. Can you pick the real channels from the ones we made up? BRIAN LAMBERT MEDIA CRITIC ….Origami -- Experts provide information and instruction in fine Asian and Polynesian arts. Plus theatrical films and ethnic entertainment. August 1999. ….The fakes -- yes, we just made 'em up -- are: Anger and Stress TV; Barn TV; CardShark-21; Cinemax-Stinkermax; C-SPAN Feud; GasTV; Judy! Judy! Judy!; Origami; WankerVideo.”

4/10/99 - Honolulu Star Bulletin on-line has a feature article w/ color photographs of Jodi Fukumoto and her (Hawaii) island style origami. See: http://starbulletin.com/1999/04/09/features/story1.html 

The New York Times book review on May 23, 1999 had a drawing of a man in an origami boat.

Reuters dispatch August 20, 1999 "Jim Rose, the U.S. entertainer whose circus of freaks has delighted or disgusted audiences worldwide for years, said Thursday he planned to retire. "I'm going to call it quits. It’s been a great run, but I think I’ve reached the end of the line," Rose, whose show Secrets of the Strange has been the top-selling draw of all time at Edinburgh´s quirky Fringe arts festival, told Reuters. This show's current theme is organ origami, or the strange shapes that can be made from the human appendage." 

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 5, 1999 /PRNewswire/  The article talks about the trends in Halloween greeting cards.  “Satisfy the artist in your house with handmade cards -- we saw one card created with hand-cut, folded paper that formed Dracula's face with blood red eyes that will obliterate the notion that origami is for cranes and flowers.”

New York Times on the Web, November 25, 1999, “Origami Sites Show How to Fold Them – Reviews origami sites on the web, including Joseph Wu’s site, and sites by OrigamiUSA, CHAOS, BOS, Alex Barber, Eric Anderson, Tom Hull, Kim’s Crane, Fascinating Folds, Mark Morden, and origami an older list of origami sightings by Janet Hamilton posted on Joseph Wu’s site. http://www.nytimes.com/library/tech/99/11/circuits/articles/25libe.html
In the same issue (Nov. 25) as the article on Origami on the Web, the crossword puzzle had 14 Down "Work for a folder". Answer was "origami"!

On the national news in Spain “El Informal” channel 5, a model of Yoda folded by Alfredo Perez Jiminez sat prominently in the center of the newsdesk.

On December 24th, 1999 in a teaser for an upcoming segment of the 6:00 news, the Portland, Maine ABC affiliate WMTW showed actor and comedian Avner Eisenberg demonstrating Robert Neale's Bunny Bill $ fold.

The Saturday 1/1/2000 New York Times Metro section (New Jersey Edition) has a very nice article on Joshua Davis, age 17, of Montclair, New Jersey, who folds a crane from the front page of each day's newspaper. He was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 cranes. He began in 1996 and completed his 1000th crane on 12/31/99. He hopes to donate the cranes to a museum.

Sometime in the week before 1/1/2000, Valerie Sudol, the Home/Garden columnist for The Star-Ledger of Newark NJ, described a family New Year's ceremony, based on a Buddhist tradition. They fold paper boats and tuck in slips of paper containing wishes and resolutions, then let them float away.

The 4/20/2000 LA Times had an article about Chris Palmer's tessellations executed in fabric and used as clothing. The article included pictures of the dress designs. Michael LaFosse, Robert Lang, Shuzo Fujimoto and Jeremy Shafer were also mentioned.

The San Antonio Express-News wrote a two-page article about origami and Russell Sutherland in May 2000. The article talks about origami history and how Russell got started in origami.  http://www.geocities.com/rgs467/ExpressNewsArticle.html 

"React"-- the teenage equivalent of the Parade Sunday supplement to many American newspapers -- has a list of 15 "Summer Boredom Busters," (May 29-June 2 issue, page 5), which includes as #13: "Figure out how to fold an origami crane (origami instructions are at http://www.origami.vancouver.bc.ca ) or a paper airplane (a few designs are at http://phxskyharbor.com/shyharbr/kids/planesub.html ." React's website is www.react.com.

From Edward Bryant's review of "The Man on the Ceiling" by Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem in the July 2000 issue of Locus (the newspaper of the science fiction field): "'The Man on the Ceiling' is an origami bird of a treatise, unfolding startling plumage in unexpected imagery. Or think of it as a metaphorical hypertext darting shimmering links into varietal levels of your mind and soul."

In the 8/6/2000 Boston Globe Magazine there was an article about a family that has spent the past 3 years sailing, during which the father lost part of several fingers in a serious accident. “Larry is not looking forward to the attention his damaged hands will attract - something he already has experienced in plenty of ports. He knows that, as he interviews for jobs, he will get questions about them and about his plans, and he is already working up a few pithy responses. The truth is, he says, he can do "pretty much everything" he could do before, including holding tiny screws and writing, typing, and helping the kids with their projects. "I'm not going to tell Evan I can't do the origami," Larry says. "I just fold it a little different."

South China Morning Post, 10/24/2000, published “Fold me up, Scotty” by Victoria Finlay.  The article is about Andrew Pang, his origami, and his latest book “Star Trek Paper Universe”. Andrew was also featured on Feb 22, 2001 on CNN in “Star Trek” Origami: Out of this World. Author Andrew Pang shows CNN's Karuna Shinsho how to make an origami Star Trek Enterprise model http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/asiapcf/east/02/21/star.trek.origami/index.html.

In The Guardian on 10/23/2000, Peter Forbes wrote about the similarities between “Miura-ori” techniques for folding maps and solar panels, and recent studies on how beech and hornbeam leaves unfurl.

In The New York Times Thursday November 30, 2000, page G12, there is an article about Baju Wijono, a painter and sculptor in Brooklyn. He visited Bali, where he grew up--and took digital pictures of his grandmother. "'My grandmother used to tell me to write my problems down on pieces of white paper, which she'd fold into origami boats and float down the river,' he said. On his trip back, he and his grandmother folded new paper boats and floated them away while he snapped pictures."  His pictures and work by 99 other digital camera novices can be found at http://www.hp.com/100cameras.

Mark Plant wrote an article on origami Bison for the National Bison Association quarterly magazine, Fall 2000 edition.

12/13/2000 - The cover story of The Lamp, a publication of ExxonMobil's Public Affairs Department, profiles Lola Kuforiji's life and career. The Nigerian was born in Italy to a family of diplomats. She pursued a career in Mechanical Engineering and currently works for ExxonMobil as a drilling engineer on an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  "In grade school, she also became fascinated with origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into complex shapes."

An article in The New York Times, 12/14/200, by Joyce Cohen called "Stylish Add-Ons for Old-Fashioned Laptops" mentions several sites with directions for napkin folds:

1/2001 - the Scout Report for Business and Economics
”15. Money Origami
For those of us with some extra time and cash, Money Origami, created by software engineer Sherwood Clay Randall Jr., offers a "true creative output." Following the step-by-step instructions, users will learn to fold dollar bills into the shapes of rings, gift boxes, and sailboats. Detailed photos and easy steps put creative money-folding in reach of almost anyone. As to why one would want to turn his or her hard-earned cash into fake eye glasses or a miniature pair of boots, we won't speculate. [EM]”

In Sunday, Jan 7, 2001 New York Times, Week in Review, in the article about the folly of trying to wipe out all germs, there was a mention of Japanese origami paper that was supposed to be bacteria-free.

I ran across the article from The Nikkei Weekly from February 25, 1995. It contained a new product announcement for those people who like good clean fun - origami paper coated with a nontoxic disinfectant to prevent the spread of bacteria. The paper was produced in three sizes: 118mm, 150 mm and 176mm in packs ranging from 12 to 38 sheets. There was a fourth pack of 75 paper for folding senbazuru or the 1,000 cranes in packs of 100 sheets. All of the packs were designed to sell at 100 Yen. The manufacturer was Toyo Company, 1-35-4 Yanagihara, Adachi-ky Tokyo.

Washington Post KidsPost column 1/22/2001 - “One Really Big Crane”
"It's tricky work making even a small origami crane. Now 1,000 people in Japan have made a paper crane that's more than 258 feet wing-to-wing. … The crane-makers in Odate, Japan, worked for two days on the crane. They wanted to recapture the World's Biggest Paper Crane title that they won in 1998 with a 207-foot crane. An American group set the Guinness Book of World Records title with a 211-footer in 1999.http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A32130-2001Jan22.html .

The Piscataway Review, 1/26/2001 had a front page article titled “Tales of Origami”.  Mary Kao presented origami and storytelling at the East Jersey Old Towne Village in honor of Chinese New Year.  She talked about the Chinese Zodiac while doing appropriate origami demonstrations, and told some other origami-illustrated stories.

On CNN 1/31/2001 there was a segment about cardboard 'blanks' which can be folded into various sized boxes for mailing items. The blanks come with folding directions for every size from bottle container to much larger sizes and different shapes.

Bob Nienhuis's and Clay Randall’s money fold sites were highlighted on ecompany.com 2/7/01 http://www.ecompany.com/articles/web/0,1653,9430,00.html

From the 3/2/01 issue of SK Newsletter, "Cool Tool Uses" highlighted Gary Boyd of Constructive Alternatives. Working with the Chattanooga State Technical Community College, he designed and built Origami Piazza, a complex deck structure housing an anodized aluminum sculptural interpretation of Ronald Koh’s Bird of Paradise, which is also interpreted in the decking pattern of the Piazza.

Reuters 3/9/2001 – “Paper Snake Slithers Toward World Record” about the147 feet, 3 inch long model of a king cobra made by the Singapore Origami Group (led by Leong Cheng Chit). The model was made from 140 square meters of water-resistant paper donated by Tetrapak. The event was held mainly to raise funds for the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore (MINDS). http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010309/od/origami_dc_1.html   http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/nplo103.html

From the Wall Street Journal magazine on innovation 2/22/2001: "SHORT STORY VENDING MACHINES Travelman Publishing, founded by Evelyn Waugh's grandson Alexander, has come up with a new way to market short fiction. It's installing vending machines in London Underground stations to sell short stories in a folded-up, map-like format for about $1.50 apiece. Riders can purchase
classics like Sherlock Holmes, or newer works written just for Travelman. Each pamphlet is meant to entertain a rider for about 40 minutes and its accordion styling makes it easy to manage in cramped quarters. The company hopes to add 50 machines in tube stations over the next two years and talks are underway to put machines on commuter rail lines outside of the city. Meanwhile, Travelman is developing machines that can offer a selection of stories and plans to solicit through its Web site, www.travelman.co.uk. ("London Commuters Can Kill Time with Stories from Vending Machines," Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2001")"

Article “Stressed? Blame Your Left Brain” by Jacqueline Tresl in the CHEKTV/COM Stress Busters column. The article discusses greater use of the artistic right brain as a way of relieving stress. One way to do that: “Learn something new. Take a course at a local center or online, like origami.” 

A paper called “Strangers in Our Homes: TV and Our Children's Minds” was presented at the Waldorf School of San Francisco on 5/1/99 as part of a senior project by Susan R. Johnson, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics, UCSF /Stanford Health Care and Graduate of San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training Program of Rudolf Steiner College.
“Even though we emphasize which functions of learning are performed by which hemisphere, there is a crucial connection between the two hemispheres called the corpus callosum. It consists of a large bundle of nerve pathways that form a bridge between the left and right hemispheres. It is one of the brain's latest-maturing parts. The left and right sides of the body learn to coordinate with each other by this pathway. Gross motor activities like jumping rope, climbing, running, and circle games and fine motor activities like form drawing, knitting, pottery, origami, woodworking, embroidery, and bread-making are crucial to myelinating this pathway and lead to more flexible manipulation of ideas and a creative imagination. This pathway provides the interplay between analytic and intuitive thinking, and several neuropsychologists believe that poor development of this pathway affects the right and left hemispheres' effective communication with each other and may be a cause of attention and learning difficulties (Healy 1990)…..
5.Have children use their hands, feet and whole body performing purposeful activities. All the outdoor activities of running, jumping, climbing, and playing jump-rope help develop our children's gross motor skills and myelinate pathways in the higher brain. Performing household chores, cooking, baking bread, knitting, woodworking, origami, string games, finger games, circle games, painting, drawing, and coloring help develop fine motor skills and also myelinate pathways in the higher brain.”

The Sunday Times (in the UK) has a net based magazine, and on 5/17/2001 it featured Joseph Wu's origami website.

The Garden Path, a newsletter of the Japanese Garden Society of Oregon, notes that there was a celebration of Children's Day on May 6, 2001, with origami and other hands-on activities.

”Mix origami, paper-cutting and pop-up books and one result is "Origami Architecture," a show of 100 works at the American Craft Museum at 40 West 53rd Street through Sept. 2. Masahiro Chatani, a Tokyo architect, originated the art form in 1981 and has 40 works in the show. There's a picture of the Sydney Opera House by Takaaki Kihara with the article. Marivi Garrido, an Argentine architect, has nine pieces in the show. She uses them to teach Mathematics to high school students.”

The June 5, 2001 issue of the San Diego Union newspaper featured the headline: "Handmade gifts of Hope" on the first page of the second section. A photo showed 5th-grade students  from Tustin, CA, with "strands of origami cranes they made for Santana High School" where a shooting took place on March 5. The students had come 90 miles on a school bus for the presentation.

Japan Times 6/27/2001 “Ikeda kids reunited with classmates” “About 200 schoolchildren from an Osaka elementary school where eight pupils were stabbed to death June 8 were reunited with their classmates Tuesday for the first time in 18 days. The 200, who account for 90 percent of the school's first- and second-grade pupils, made origami and played ball games at a nearby gym for about two hours as part of a rehabilitation program aimed at resuming classes in late August.” http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?nn20010627a7.htm 

In the 10/27/01 New York Times, from their continuing series of bios on Sept. 11 victims (Portraits of Grief):
The Thousand Cranes
In the grogginess of early mornings, Dohee Kang often feels her husband, Joon Koo Kang, next to her. She tries to talk to him, only to realize he is gone.
The couple met when Mrs. Kang visited New York as a college student in 1994. She soon returned to Korea, but he followed her back to Seoul the next year, and proposed to her the day after she graduated. "He gave me a thousand origami cranes, and said when he missed me, he would make a crane," she said. "He also showed me a photo album of me growing up. I don't know how he got the pictures. At the end of the album, there was a card, which said, `Will you marry me?' "
The couple have two daughters, Ariel, 4, and Diane, 2. Mr. Kang, 34, was a computer analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald. He took his daughters to swimming pools and parks and read them the Bible every night. "I told my little ones that Daddy is in heaven. Then my older girl asked me, `Could I call him?' " Mrs. Kang said. "I said no. If you wanted to see Daddy, you had to pray."
Link to article:
Link to "Portraits of Grief" feature on NYTimes site:

BBC News website, 10/30/2001, “Fashion for the digerati”. In origami fashion, a person takes a piece of material and through a series of simple folds, transforms a two-dimensional layer of fabric into a three-dimensional piece of fashion.  The article talks about folding a recyclable polyester laminate fabric into various styled bags, and the possibility of selling this product from vending machines. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1625000/1625993.stm 

The November 2001 issue of American Libraries includes a colorful picture of 1000 cranes hanging in a library window. (p.19). Part of the cover story the section: Coping in New York includes this paragraph: "The children and children's libraries of Albany, New York, sent a thousand origami cranes, fashioned after the Japanese tradition, to the Central Children's Room of the Donnell Library Center as a token of solace, hope, and peace. The cranes, in a rainbow of colors, have been hung in the windows and will be distributed to children in December."

From the Boston Globe, 11/11/2001, ”Origami project a symbol of hope - Children send NYC wings and prayers" by Janet Casey, Globe Correspondent. "Medfield resident Sarah Nixon, with a time of 2:56, finished 51st of all women in the New York City Marathon, and was the third-fastest female from New England, but that wasn't her greatest accomplishment last weekend. What she felt best about was her ''Paper Crane Memorial,'' a collection of 6,000 origami paper cranes made by school children and families to represent the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.”

Youngchurch newsletter, December 2001, “Giving to Others – Youth Spread the Christmas Message”. http://www.thelutheran.org/0112/page40.html
"Laura Hermanns, 12, was horrified by the events of Sept. 11 and wanted to call people together in peace and hope. So the member of Holy Communion Lutheran Church, Racine, Wisconsin, wrote to the local newspaper, saying: 'I would like to fold an origami peace crane for each person that lost their life on Sept. 11. They are symbols of hope and healing. Will you help me?' Schools, churches and Scout troops quickly responded. Folding sessions were held at the library and YMCA. At presstime Laura had received more than 4,500 cranes, which are being strung together in a display that will circulate in Racine."

In December 2001 the Cape Cod Times had a reporter try to duplicate the gifts in the 12 days of Christmas. On  12/19/2001, she got to "Seven swans a swimming" and ended up with origami flapping birds. “Yesterday's search in the rain and wind for seven swans a-swimming was less than fruitful … They’re very territorial … Photographer Steve Heaslip came to the rescue with, some may say, a Christmas miracle. At home he had Japanese cranes. On glass, they look like seven swans a-swimming."

Boston Globe, 12/28/2001, printed an article about how people around the United States have contributed to New York following 9/11 with gifts that have a personal touch.  It mentions that thousands of origami cranes were sent from all over the nation, to represent peace and good will.

"Origami U.S. flag hangs at Pentagon" appeared 12/22/2001 in The Honolulu Advertiser. "A framed American flag made of 1,001 origami cranes from 'Aikahi Elementary School was presented Thursday to U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld by Adm. Dennis Blair, commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific. … 'Aikahi Vice Principal Cheryl McCraw said all 625 students from kindergarten to sixth grade and staff folded at least one crane. The 50 stars, which required six small cranes to be folded for each, were made by more experienced folders." http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2001/Dec/22/ln/ln10a.html 

In the latest U*N*A*B*A*S*H*E*D Librarian (a sort of a librarian's fanzine) there was a full page of pictures of cranes, and a note saying that the children of the Albany Public Library folded 1000 cranes and sent them to the Donnelly Public Library of the New York Library System. No discussion of what the cranes meant, but there was also a cover picture of the latest edition of the "Sadako and the Thousand Cranes" book.

The N.Y. Times Sunday Magazine, 2/24/2002, page 26, had an article about "Mean Girls." "...they take out their gel pens or their glittery feather-topped pens and write something, fold it over and over again into origami and then hide behind their hair when it's read aloud."

Watauga Democrat, 2/4/2002, “1,000 Cranes of Freedom” by Marie Freeman.

The Vancouver Courier 5/27/02 – “New career unfolds for origami ‘freak’” by Sandra Thomas – Article on Joseph Wu, mentions his teaching at the local library, Stoli vodka  ads, and his attempts to create an origami model of smoke.

6/4/2002, The Christian Science Monitor, “Paper Player” by Ross Atkin. Article about Michael LaFosse in the Home Forum Kidspace section. Includes folding instructions for a jumping frog and flying wing. http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/0604/p18s02-hfks.html 

Knight Ridder News Service dateline Kansas City, Mo sent out an article titled, "Bill trick set off flood of interest”. "It started as a stupid party trick. Someone showed Warren Dodd how a new $20 bill can be folded origami style to reveal a picture of the World Trade Center in flames. And, there's the pentagon ablaze on the flip side of the folded bill. That's weird thought Dodd, owner of a web hosting business in Melbourne, Fla. He showed the trick to a couple of buddies, then decided to share the directions at www.allbrevard.net. And, it just took off he said. I really thought that no more than a dozen people would see it. Dodd has turned this little bit of paper-folding into an internet phenom. On the first day 35,000 people visited the page. In the first ten days more than a million visitors checked it out. Now, after nearly 2 million hits and people forwarding directions via e-mail, Dodd has received feedback from Israel to China. Some of the hundreds of e-mail messages have not been kind, with people accusing him of capitalizing on Sept. 11. Dodd said he was forced to post ads on the page to cover his internet costs when it became so popular. He apologizes to anyone angered by the page."

DallasNews.com 6/23/2002 – “Origami as a career? Longtime hobbyist ponders joining the fold” The article about John R.S. Mascio and his contemplations about becoming a professional paperfolder. Jan Polish is also quoted in the article.

July 6, 2002 - in the US Air Force Times Newspaper was a short article under World Affairs. Three anti-war protesters were on trial in Oslo, Norway for attacking the US Embassy with paper airplanes in October 2001. They were protesting the bombing of Afghanistan by throwing 2 paper bags full of paper airplanes, one at a time, at the Marine guards who were armed with machine guns. Although the US Marines that guard the embassies are trained to handle all sorts of attacks their big risk seemed to be getting a paper cut. Needless to say the protesters got the idea after a long night at the local pub. They were arrested for disturbing the peace and faced a small fine which they refused to pay, causing the case to drag on.

The September 2002 issue of Wildlife Art carries the article "ORIGAMIDO: A New Dimension in Origami". Michael LaFosse is quoted as saying: "We are living in the Golden Age of origami. Most of the masters are still alive and working, and they are accessible. Could you imagine if you were a pianist and you could go and visit Beethoven or Bach? That's where we are in the field of origamido."

Canada.com 10/14/02, "Britain's Conservative leader struggles to win over voters - and his party" by Jill Lawless. It would appear that Ian Duncan Smith (leader of the UK Conservative Party) has let it be known that as a youngster he was interested in knitting and origami.

12/9/2002 in The Star (Singapore), "Miss Wong is just the ticket for Mr. Right". Nicole Wong collected bus tickets over 3 years, and at her wedding she presented her husband with 99,999 paper hearts. The number 9 is considered lucky, especially at a wedding, where it represents everlasting love. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=29&art_id=vn20021209055019299C936471&set_id=1 

12/8/02 The Eureka Times Standard congratulated "the quick-thinking sheriff's deputies who overcame a momentary shock and tackled a courtroom defendant after he pulled a 'gun' in a courthouse escape attempt. The realistic-looking gun was made of paper, and the would-be origami artist was quickly subdued without further harm to anyone."

2/15/03 peace protest in NYC, the first thing I saw was a troop of people carrying giant *paper cranes*! these cranes (traditional) were attached to sticks, and they were 'substitute' signs!

New York Times, Thurs 2/20/03 House & Home section , "A Gardener Grows Balmy in Winter". A canna lily sold by Yucca Do nursery, TX,  (www.yuccado.com)  is described by its owner, Carl Schoenfeld: "These [flowers] look like little origami birds, and the hummingbirds like them."

3/8/03 - In the MTV Forum with Tony Blair titled "Is War the only Answer?", the transitions into the commercial breaks consisted of a hand folding a modeling of paper into such items as a tank, a plane, etc. Glue and scissors were involved.

3/13/03 “Boy Sparks Inferno with Paper Airplane”
BERLIN (Reuters) - A 12-year-old boy accidentally burned down a poolhouse and a summer pavilion with a flaming paper airplane, causing more than $40,000 in damage, police in southern Germany said on Thursday. The airplane ignited a hedge next to the swimming pool building and summer house in the Bavarian town of Oberasbach on Tuesday. By the time the fire services put out the blaze, both buildings were gutted and two garages slightly charred. "The boy wasn't looking to start a fire," said police spokesman Dieter Eilert. "He just wanted to light his plane."

Seattle Times Saturday, March 15, 2003 , "Soaring Expo explores world of silent flight".  The Museum of Flight marked the centennial of the Wright brothers' first airplane flight with Soaring Expo 2003. "Activities included a display of sailplanes, films and videos, opportunities to speak with local pilots from the Seattle Glider Council, and drawings for free flights and lessons. ... Kids can craft their own glider with these directions for making a paper airplane. Many types of paper airplanes exist, but this design was created by an origami expert." Diagrams were included in the printed edition for an origami airplane. www.museumofflight.org 

"Congratulations to Marc Kirschenbaum for his paper airplane on the cover of the 4/20/2003 New York Times Sunday Magazine!" Marc's "peace of paper" illustrates an article about the military's pilotless planes:

BBC News 5/5/03, "Britons seek the strangest sites". "The top terms that people search for on the net are a good guide to the crazes and trends sweeping the world.Some of the other rare searches are simply bizarre. Quite what those looking for "virtual geese honking" or "monkey origami" actually wanted help with is hard to guess." http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/2996793.stm 

The Entertainment Section of the Press-Telegram, May 13, 2002, included a front page photo and full center spread about Joe Hamamoto's origami in a series celebrating Asian Cultures. http://u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211~23523~1386388,00.html http://u.dailynews.com/Stories/0,1413,211%7E23523%7E1386412,00.html 

“Swan math: Art of origami involves multiple skills” by Keith Brown, published in the Asbury Park Press 5/14/03. “Wearing a pink and blue kimono, guest lecturer June Sakamoto led the math classes, which were cleverly disguised as lessons in origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding.”

5/26/03 San Ramon Valley (California) Times, describing the Contra Costa County Fair, says: "The lineup includes...a juggling unicyclist who, when not playing with fire, will demonstrate his mastery of origami by creating unlikely paper objects such as nail clippers that actually work." Jeremy Shafer is not mentioned by name, but the description is unmistakable.

7/9/03 The Courier-Mail “Wings of 1000 birds fly baby to safety” by Leanne Edmistone. “Born 10 weeks premature in March and weighing just 1500 grams, Aden had been home barely a month before his parents rushed him to hospital. … Frantic with worry and with doctors unable to say whether their youngest son would live, the Sunnybank couple called on an ancient Japanese legend which decrees that if you fold 1000 paper cranes any wish will be granted.”

Vandals set fire to the 1,000 crane offerings at the Hiroshima Peace Park days before the 58th anniversary of the bombing of the city. Many burned, and this is not the first time. Reported in The Times of India 8/1/2003 and The Japan Times 8/2/2003: “Student held over 140,000 torched paper cranes” HIROSHIMA (Kyodo) A 22-year-old student was arrested Friday for allegedly setting fire to thousands of paper cranes at a monument in Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park earlier in the day, local police said. Junya Yamamoto, a student at Kwansei Gakuin University, told police he started the fire with a lighter. About 91,000 paper cranes donated by Kwansei Gakuin University arrived early Wednesday 8/6/03 at a Peace Memorial Park monument here, replacing some 14,000 paper cranes allegedly burned by one of its students last week.

“Ancient art of origami shapes high-tech gizmos” by Sonia Krishnan 9/17/2003 in the Christian Science Monitor. Looks at how concepts used in origami help develop improved folding of solar sails, crumple zones of cars in a crash, train tunnel beams, telescopes, etc. http://search.csmonitor.com/search_content/0917/p01s03-woap.html

11/3/03 A missing girl’s school decorated with paper birds as symbol of hope “TORONTO (CP) - A thousand paper cranes have been suspended through the lobby of the school attended by Cecilia Zhang in expressions of hope the missing nine-year-old will be safely returned to her family. The paper birds - symbols of hope in the Chinese culture - were made by students, staff and parents at Seneca Hill Public School to show that their thoughts are with Cecilia and her family, school officials said Friday. "'The paper cranes are based on a Chinese legend that if you make a thousand cranes, you get a wish,' said Seneca Hill principal Evelyne Chadband. Chadband said kids, parents and school officials have been struggling to cope with Cecilia's abduction on Oct. 20. The only child of Raymond Zhang and Sherry Xu was discovered missing by her mother when she went to the girl's bedroom to wake her for school."

Bellingham Herald The language of origami” by Mame Burns -  About 3 Japanese nurses visiting the different care facilities to gain an exposure to another country’s methods. They didn’t speak much English, but were able to teach origami to the patients.

From a digital news archive there are short scenes of a Japanese dressed lady folding a crane (1968) and an origami book, someone folding polyhedrons, a item on folding furniture, paper sculpture, etc. http://www.britishpathe.com/product_display.cfm?searchfilm=origami http://www.britishpathe.com/product_display.cfm?searchfilm=paper+folding 

BBC News 12/10/03 “Origami help for tech design” Interviews with Robert Lang, Eric Demaine, and Michael LaFosse on uses of origami in designing foldable telescopes, engineering models, airbags. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/3301947.stm 

2/8/04 on CNN – “Inmate Escapes Using Toilet Paper Gun” “OMAHA, Nebraska (AP) -- A prison inmate who escaped by brandishing a fake gun made of toilet paper, tape and black ink was captured four days later after a gunfight with police on a busy Omaha street. http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/Central/02/08/prison.escape.ap/index.html 

2/13/2004 A prominent Canadian politician, Claude Ryan, has passed away. He was once editor of a newspaper. This morning's Montreal Gazette had a picture of him wearing a mitre folded from newspaper. It was given to him by a reporter during the 1980 referendum campaign.

2/2004 In Venezuela, there was a referendum petition against the president, with millions of signatures in thousands of forms. Since Japan Cultural Week was also going on, one of the local humorists in the newspaper that "I know it's Japan Cultural Week. Everybody is celebrating. In fact, I saw the President of the National Electoral Council making origami with a signature form."

2/14/04 For Valentine's Day, the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper ran instructions for one of the simple hearts by Francis Ow. The instructions included a large rectangle of red paper to cut out  and coupons to insert in the pocket of the heart once it was completed. The coupons included "Good for a free win in any argument", "Good for one skip in turn", "We'll do it your way", "You decide what to watch", and "Instant forgiveness". http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincities/living/7948007.htm 

The Japan Times 2/15/04 – “MSDF ship leaves Hiroshima to supply personnel in Iraq” “Lt. Gen. Yoshihisa Kono, the division's commander, gave the troops a pep talk, followed by the presentation of origami cranes, a symbol of hope in Japan, and an address by Col. Koichiro Bansho, who will head the Iraqi reconstruction team.”

New York Times Sunday Magazine for Sunday 3/14/2004 had an article about singer Rufus Wainwright. “Best gift he received recently: Origami flowers. A fan gave them to me. They're so delicate and beautiful, I put them in a vase.” The printed version included a picture of the iridescent flowers. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/14/magazine/14DOMAINS.html 

The United Nations Environmental Programme held its 8th Special Session of the Governing Council and the 5th Global Ministerial Environment Forum, March 29-31 March, 2004, on Jeju Island, Korea. Children from Jeju elementary and middle schools, and some elderly folk, folded over ten thousand paper cranes in support of the goals of UNEP. The cranes were stuffed into a clear plastic sphere 60cm in diameter. Two children from Yerae Elementary School, a boy and a girl dressed in colorful traditional Korean garb, offered the cranes to UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer in a ceremony at the opening banquet.

The New York Times April 19, 2004, “Many Started Web Logs for Fun, but Bloggers Need Money, Too” By JULIE FLAHERTY
”CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 18 - "This is my claim to fame," Ned Batchelder said as he held up a small cube of off-white paper. It all began on his Web log, or blog, last June, when he described how to make boxes out of business cards. While not a particularly fascinating bit of origami, the trick has become a tiny source of income. Thanks to references and links to the card cubes on other Web logs, the visitors to that page of his blog bring him about $2 a day in ad revenue. The on-line search engine Google, which places the classified-style ads on his blog, pays Mr. Batchelder every time someone clicks on one. "I didn't get into this to make money," said Mr. Batchelder, a blogger from Brookline, Mass., whose business card cube is posted at www.nedbatchelder.com/text/cardcube.html.” http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/19/technology/19blog.html 

In the Saturday, May 8 edition of the New York Post there was an article about media influence on the Martha Stewart trialt. "[Lawyer Robert] Morvillo and panelist Lorna Schofield, who represented Rosie O'Donnell in a $100 million lawsuit brought by the former publishers of Rosie magazine, said defense attorneys should hire public-relations firms to handle the press during high-profile trials. They were responding to comments made by another panelist, Jeffrey Toobin, a legal analyst for CNN and writer for The New Yorker, who argued against the use of such firms. You are better advised to tell your clients to make origami out of hundred-dollar bills than to hire a public-relations firm. They are utterly useless," Toobin said.

Computer World 5/10/2004 “Computational Origami – Ancient art finds industrial, medical uses” by Bob Brewin. Article about work by Robert Lang on folding airbags and Treemaker software, and by Erik Demaine on protein folding. Also mentions Ajay Royyuru of IBM Research discussing uses of supercomputers for modeling folding. http://www.computerworld.com/printthis/2004/0,4814,92956,00.html 

An origami piano was sighted in the Wall Street Journal 5/26/04.

New York Times, “Cones, Curves, Shells, Towers: He Made Paper Jump to Life”, June 22, 2004, By MARGARET WERTHEIM. This morning there was a 2 page piece in NY Times online about Dr. David Huffman and computational origami. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/06/22/science/22orig.html  http://www.nytimes.com/2004/06/22/science/22orig.html?ex=1088910522&ei=1&en=2307df405ee8181c

Haaretz.com carried an article on Paul Jackson on 7/23/2004 called “…and through origami too” (written by Sarah Bronson). Jackson talks about learning origami as a child during illnesses, and about the lack of acceptance of orgami as an art form by professors at the Slade School of Fine Art. Also covered is the work being done by the Israel Origami Center to bring Isreali and Palestinian children together to learn origami.

8/5/2004 “Cranes from Mathematical Origami class to be displayed in Seattle” by David Hibbard. Elon University students taking a course in Mathematical Origami (taught by Alan Russell) made a replica of the university mascot, the Elon Phoenix, from 1000 cranes in response to hearing about how a statue of Sadako was vandalized in the Seattle P_eace Park. The work was displayed at a rededication ceremony to celebrate the placement of a new statue in the park, and then will be displayed at the headquarters for the World Peace Project for Children. http://www.elon.edu/e-net/Note.aspx?id=11618

Arizona Daily Star “Into the fold” by Dean Knuth and “Experts in the art of paper folding teach beginners at monthly meeting at Tuscon restaurant” by Gillian Drummond. About an open origami lesson held the first Saturday of the month at Dao’s Tai Pan restaurnant. Includes contact information and instructions on how to make the fortune teller. http://www.dailystar.com/dailystar/relatedarticles/27229.php

There was a half-page article, "From these sheets, fine art unfolds", in 8/21/2004 Star-Ledger, a central NJ newspaper. The article was written by Eric Talmadge of the Associated Press about the three-day Origami competition and convention in Tokyo. Accompanying the article is a photo of Joseph Wu with his dragon. Tom Hull and Eric Joisel also were quoted in the article.

Associated Press 8/20/2004 – An article about the origami convention / competition in Tokyo. The article features a picture of Joseph Wu and his five sheets of paper dragon. It also goes on to describe some of the other pieces in the "gallery" of models and how origami is being taught as a college course this year at MIT. The article also has a quote from Tom Hull.
A work of origami, or paper folding, is shown on display during the origami convention in Tokyo, Friday, Aug. 20, 2004. Showcasing a renaissance in the ancient Japanese art of origami, some of the best paper-folders in the world descended on Tokyo on Friday for a three-day competition and convention to celebrate the artistic possibilities of origami, which is believed to have been used to create sacred ornaments at the Grand Shrines of Ise, the center of Japan's native shinto religion. (AP Photo/Junji Kurokawa)

Stars and Stripes, 9/26/2004, “Sasebo teenager becomes origami master”, about Scott Macri and how he became interested in origami at age 7 from a book that his father, then stationed in Japan, sent home to him as a birthday present. Scott now designs models and has taught at the recent JOAS convention. http://www.estripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=23479&archive=true 

The San Diego Union Tribune, 11/8/2004, featured "Festival puts origami enthusiasts in the fold." The article highlighted the Folding Festival held at the Mingei Museum and mentioned that John Andrisan taught his an F-14 (Michael LaFosse’s) to a class which included a guest from Austria who is planning an origami exhibit in Salzburg, Austria, beginning in July. One of two photographs showed Arlene Pollock teaching the $1 bill rosette which was illustrated in another photo.

Boston Globe, 11/11/2004, “Unfolding origami's secrets - Artist Robert Lang hopes to demystify the ancient art” By Louise Kennedy, “Robert J. Lang says origami is like music. If that's so, he writes its symphonies”. The article talks about Lang’s trip to lecture as artist in residence at MIT. Eric Demaine was also interviewed.

"Ohio Origami Club Endures Latest Round Of Beatings" by Mark Motz on 12/7/2004 6:29:11 PM "Indeed, a recent spate of violence directed at the Chillicothe Japanese Origami club has resulted in mounds of shredded confetti, along with painfull nougies, dutch rubs and wedgies for the dedicated junior-high paper folders, often perpetrated on the youthfull artists by members of the football team and burned out remedial-class after schoolers." Spotted on the Smooth Operator website at http://www.smthop.com/articles1details.asp?NewsNum=487 

"Origami gift takes flight", by Ryan Sabalow, Journal Staff Writer on the Auburn Journal, Friday, December 10, 2004 3:31 PM PST. "None of the students in John Edgerton's fourth-grade class seem to mind that 1,001 cranes fly through their Skyridge School classroom every day. In fact, they seemed to think it's pretty cool that the cranes helped Edgerton fight and win his battle with throat cancer last year. http://www.auburnjournal.com/articles/2004/12/10/news/top_stories/03cranes.txt 

NY Times 12/25/2004, “Origami Gains Respect as Artists Win Acclaim” by Kate Murphy. “Most schoolchildren know how to fold a page like this one into a hat or a boat. But while many consider it mere child's play, more and more artists are creating startlingly original origami that transcends the humble craft.” The article mentions the Origami Masterworks exhibit at the Mingei Museum, Paul Jackson, Michael LaFosse, Vincent Floderer, David Brill, Akira Yoshizawa, Eric Joisel, Tomoko Fuse, Robert J. Lang, Ruthanne Bessman, and Joan Son. http://www.nytimes.com/2004/12/25/arts/design/25orig.html 

The Holland [Michigan] Sentinel ran an article on 12/23/2004 about a local class of 4th-graders at Glerum Elementary School who made 1000 cranes that they hope to send to the Peace Park in Hiroshima. The students folded cranes during class time, during recess, at home and even on a bus ride to the zoo for a class field trip. http://www.thehollandsentinel.net/stories/122304/loc_122304043.shtml 

Throughout November and December 2004 there was a great deal of news coverage of an origami peace crane drop in Thailand. The headlines included “Thais to fold for peace” (Sebastien Berger, News Telegraph, 11/18/2004, http://news.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/11/18/worig18.xml), “Thai Premier pushes Odd Peace Gesture: An Origami Airlift” (Peter Fritsch, Wall Street Journal, 12/2/2004); “Thais drop origami ‘peace bombs’” (Kylie Morris, BBC News, 12/5/2004, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4069471.stm); “PM promotes origami birds in drive to generate peace” (MCOT News, 11/16/2004, http://www.mcot.org/query.php?nid=32890); “Origami peace gesture met with violence in Thailand” (Matthew Clark, Christian Science Monitor, 12/6/2004, http://www.csmonitor.com/2004/1206/dailyUpdate.html); “Thailand drops paper 'peace birds' on restive South” (Financial Times of London, http://news.ft.com/cms/s/4b460122-46c5-11d9-b099-00000e2511c8.html). Thailand’s prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, called on Thais to fold an estimated 100 million peace cranes which were dropped on Muslims in restive southern provinces on the day of the king’s birthday. Cranes could be exchanged for food, and one crane signed by Shinawatra could be turned in for a job for an adult, or scholarship for a child.
 Thai-Muslim student in Pattani province displays an origami bird she collected after the air drop

Spotted 2/11/05 - the Metro (a free newspaper usually available on the London Underground) gave some alternatives to Charles and Camilla's Wedding. Apart from mourning Picasso's death anniversary or giving Kofi Annan a birthday card, it notes "Go to the final day of the British Origami Society's spring convention in Nottingham"! (but seeing as the wedding is on Friday April 8th, surely they mean FIRST day...)

3/18/2005 New York Times, “Un-Volunteering: Troops Improvise to Find Way Out”, by Monica Davey. The article describes the issue of soldiers refusing to report for military duty, filing as conscientious-objectors, or deserting to Canada. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/18/national/18soldiers.html

Caption: Stephen Morton for The New York Times: Sgt. Kevin Benderman in Hinesville, Ga., with letters of support and origami peace cranes sent from Tokyo.

NY Times, 3/22/05, “Origami May Be an Art, but nature Got There First”. Dr. Mahadevan of Harvard reports that Miura-ori patterns can be found wings, flower petals, and leaves. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/22/science/22orig.html 

New York Times, 5/21/2005, in the Science Times section, "Fractal Mathematics with Business Cards". "Dr. Jeannine Mosely was joking when she first suggested using business cards to build a Menger sponge. The structure, famous among mathematicians, is a three-dimensional fractal. That means, according to Dr. Mosely, who received her doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that "if you zoom in on a section of a fractal, the close-up view looks just like the bigger view." Fractals are infinite, in theory, so there is no end to zooming in. Dr. Mosely's sponge is not. It has big holes, medium holes and small holes, making it a Level 3 sponge. It is built of 66,048 cards, and she and countless helpers started work on it in 1996. It will be on exhibit this coming weekend in New York City, at the annual Origami U.S.A. convention at the Fashion Institute of Technology. (The convention is open only to members of Origami U.S.A.)"

08/18/05 "The fine art of living with unbearable loss", By Loni Ingraham, in the Towson Times - Towson, MD. "The small delicate birds that his late wife, Florence, created resemble Japanese origami - sculptures crafted by the folding of paper. But she made them from copper. ... "She was the strongest person," he says. "When she found out she was terminal, she started learning how to do the jewelry." Later, he talks about the origami birds and the wonder of how she managed to create them. "Her teacher told her it couldn't be done with metal," he says, holding one in his palm. "Then he went out to lunch and she did it." " http://news.mywebpal.com/news_tool_v2.cfm?pnpID=659&NewsID=654236&CategoryID=4630&show=localnews&om=3 

8/19/2005, "Teen Cancer Survivor Creating Smiles Through Origami", by Kim Johnson, KSL TV. "During the summer Ethan is a fixture on the corner of 1st North and 1st East, where he sells Kool-Aid for 10 cents a cup, and his origami from 50 cents to a dollar. We asked Ethan how much he makes Ethan Kafton: "I don't know, a lot." Ethan lost the use of his right hand four years ago when he suffered through two successive malignant brain tumors. The deftly nimble fingers of his left hand alone create intricate paper flowers, hearts, and birds."  http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=96219 

The New York Times, August 30, 2005, "In the August Air, a Feeling of Christmas". "Meanwhile, in a small, ornament-filled office on the cafeteria level of the American Museum of Natural History, Jan Polish, treasurer of Origami USA, is helping to organize the volunteer efforts of 80 paper-folders across the country and indeed the world, who are already creating some 800 origami stars, 75 mobiles and 250 multicolor models for the 14-foot-tall Origami Tree. "The theme this year is flight," Ms. Polish said." http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/30/nyregion/30xmas.html 

10/15/2003 - Tony O’Hare worked for the BBC in Bristol on an origami version of Concorde for their web-site celebrating the final Concorde flights. http://www.bbc.co.uk/bristol/content/concorde/2003/10/15/origami/concorde_origami.shtml 

The 12/25/05 New York Times Magazine recapped famous people who died during 2005. Included was an article about Akira Yoshizawa, titled "Knowing When to Fold - For him, origami was no child's play" by Michael Kimmelman. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/12/25/magazine/25yoshi.html?pagewanted=print 

1/2/2006, Yahoo News - "8-Year-Old Conquers World's High Peaks". "He's only 4 feet tall and 8 years old. But Aidan Gold is already a veteran mountaineer who's left tracks on peaks in the Cascades, the Alps and the Himalayas....His parents say Aidan has an uncanny focus, and is undaunted by the effort and the monotony of climbing for hours at a stretch. Part of that focus is due to Asperger Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism diagnosed when Aidan was 3 years old....He also has a passion for complicated origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. The family Christmas tree is loaded with origami figures, some based on diagrams in a book and some designed by Aidan's original designs." http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060102/ap_on_fe_st/mini_mountaineer;_ylt=Ai5w5NVDe8GaW8SIG5muXZkZ.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTA4cmUwbnA1BHNlYwMxNzAy 

The "Scoop" Independent News website had an article on January 13, 2006 called "Elements Festival Attracts International Origami Master". "It is probably one of New Zealand’s most unusual professions, but Origami Master Jonathan Baxter is amongst the best in his craft in the world, in demand both internationally and throughout this country. And he’s coming to Porirua’s Festival of the Elements on Waitangi Day next month, giving people throughout greater Wellington a chance to see the craft at its best."http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU0601/S00039.htm

1/16/2006 on cnn.com - "Plutonium on Pluto mission worries anti-nuke actrivists". "More than eight years ago, hundreds of protesters chanted anti-nuclear slogans before NASA launched a spacecraft to Saturn carrying 72 pounds of plutonium fuel. The noise before this week's launch of a craft with a similar payload has been more muted. Only 30 anti-nuclear protesters showed up recently to oppose a plutonium-fueled mission to Pluto. The most raucous it got was when protesters tied colorful origami birds to the fence of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station."

Yahoo Buzz Index - The Buzz Log, March 23, 2006, "Do Real Men Play With Paper?". "Origami ain't just for kids anymore. Wentworth Miller's steely inmate folds origami cranes on FOX's Prison Break; real-life toughie Microsoft has lobbed its ballyhooed Origami Project at the world; and searches on the Japanese art of paper folding are busting up in Buzz. Real men, it seems, like origami." The article concludes that, since 40% of "origami" searches come from the under-13 set, that real men do not play with paper.

April 2006 - On CNN Good Morning, one of the anchors said he loved "origami, his aquarium, and tequila". He then proceeded to start folding his notes while the coverage switched. Which anchor? Was this an April Fool's joke?

Greenpeace ran a campaign against "scientific" whale hunting, targeted at Gorton’s of Gloucester, a subsidiary of a Japanese whaling company. The campaign included a call to fold origami whales and send them to Greenpeace for delivery en masse to Gorton's. "More than 25,000 of you wrote to Gorton’s, sent postcards, attended whale watching parties, folded origami whales, and made generous contributions, all to send Gorton’s a clear message: Get out of the whale killing business. Well, in less than 4 short months, you’ve managed to get the largest corporate shareholder in commercial whaling to agree to get out of the whaling business altogether." The second link below included a link to instructions to fold a simple kite-base whale. http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/news/major-victory-for-whales http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/campaigns/oceans/whales 

The 2006 Coney Island (NY) Mermaid Ball and Parade took place June 24-25. This was the same weekend as the OrigamiUSA convention in New York City. Appropriately, there was a float in the parade called "Oceans of Origami". http://donwiss.com/pictures/Mermaid-2006/h0081.htm  http://jimvid.smugmug.com/gallery/1599670/2/77663373 http://donwiss.com/pictures/Mermaid-2006/h0014.htm http://www.flickr.com/photos/macronin47/175681893/ 

7/11/2006 - "Online Video Brings the Gym Home" by Jamie Stengle (Associated Press), about online fitness shows. The accompanying photo shows Michele Galindo's workout area, as she exercises to a streaming video. Behind her video screen is a shelving unit, and on the top shelf, right hand side, are two sonobe boxes and what appears to be an origami modular on the lower shelf. http://apnews.myway.com/article/20060502/D8HBUVR80.html 

The Singapore Book of Records, in the category of Arts and Entertainment, The Printed Word, lists Francis Ow as the author of the first origami book on hearts. http://www.singaporebookofrecords.com/singapore_records_individual.php?id=NjAwMDAwMDM4Mw 

The Singapore Book of Records, in the category of Arts and Entertainment, Visual Arts and Design, lists Ronald Koh as the longest practicing origami artist. http://www.singaporebookofrecords.com/singapore_records_individual.php?id=NjAwMDAwMDI5Ng 

The Singapore Book of Records, in the category of Incredible Feats - Teams, lists the world's largest origami as the cobra folded by the Singapore Origami Group in March 2001. http://www.singaporebookofrecords.com/singapore_records_individual.php?id=NjAwMDAwMDI5NQ 

"Folding Fan: Peoria woman enjoys making, sharing and teaching origami" by Brenda Story of the Journal Star. The article interviews Kathy Knapp about how she started folding, the history of origami, classes planned at the Locust Street Art Gallery, and the local origami group she hopes to start at the Peoria Public Library. Photos in the print version include a PHiZZ modular, Sonobe modulars, dollar bill folds. Diagrams for the paper cup are included as well. http://www.pjstar.com/stories/071606/CUE_BABUUHKP.018.shtml 

"Origami cranes take flight among readers" by Danielle Sottosanti, The Arizona Daily Star, 8/1/2006. "After an article on Morris appeared in the Star's July 18 Neighbors section, many readers have asked how they can make origami cranes." The article points readers to sadako.org for folding instructions.

8/25/06 The Daily Mail (UK) has an article about Andy Chipling who plans to launch a paper plane into space. Andy also attended the BOS paper plane competition in York some years ago.

8/23/06 - The Sofia News Agency "Origami, Afghan Stone Art to Captivate Bulgaria" about a craft festival in Garbrovo's Etara historical complex that will include skilled origami makers from Japan. http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=68528 

8/16/2006 - UN News Centre "Actor Jackie Chan stars in UN-backed TV announcement warning about deadly bird flu". A one minute announcement showing actor Jackie Chan and children with colorful origami birds. Mr. Chan warns the children that sick birds can pass on bird flu and should be avoided, and one girl states: “But playing with paper birds is fine.” http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=19534&Cr=bird&Cr1=flu 

8/22/2006 - Singapore News "NUS students set two local records, tried for one world record". 545 staff and students folded 9,037 cranes in one hour. The effort also raised funds: for every origami crane folded, SongHe Fragrance Rice donated 50 cents to the Singapore Autism Association, and 100 grammes of rice to the Singapore Red Cross. Also, 20-year-old science student, Eng Tze Hwee folded six cranes in five minutes to set a new record for the "most number of origami paper cranes folded by an individual in 5 minutes". Her record has been sent to the Guinness World Record Office for verification. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/226221/1/.html 

8/21/2006 "Origami chess set wows judges" By Sara B. Hansen in the Des Moines Register. Kelly Pierce of West Des Moines won a blue ribbon at the 2006 Iowa State Fair for her origami chess set. http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060821/NEWS08/608220333/1001/NEWS 

8/30/2006, in thesouthern, "Something for everyone" by Ashley Wiehle. The article talks about the Antiques Appraisal and Jewish Food Fair at Congregation Beth Jacob. "Even the congregation's most precocious entrepreneur reached his own barometer of success: Joseph Steinbock, at a commanding 10 and three-quarters years old, had already given out all his business cards by the middle of the four-hour event. Steinbock, a member of Beth Jacob, spent about seven hours working on origami centerpieces for the tables, which were decorated with blow-up paper balls and Stars of David. The origami decorations are part of a business Steinbock started for his school, he said, and he was surprised that the business cards had so quickly disappeared." http://www.southernillinoisan.com/articles/2006/08/28/local/17364712.txt 

Sept. 2006 - the Star Billetin of Oahu, Hawaii, uses "origami journalism" with a fold and go weekend entertainment section.

The Daily Southtown, Sept. 7, 2006, in a arcticle about the new pay and display parking being trialed by the Chicago Transit Authority: "The new approach eliminates the need to carry around a pocketful of quarters, or to perform origami on a dollar bill to feed the coin box." http://www.dailysouthtown.com/southtown/columns/tridgell/x07-trd1.htm 

After Twelve-year-old Jonathan Jefferson learned his Lee County Middle School teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer, he decided to offer origami classes at the Albany Museum of Art to raise money and cancer awareness. For $1.00, you can learn to make an origami crane and have it displayed at Phoebe's Breast Cancer Center. http://www.walb.com/Global/story.asp?S=5379102&nav=menu37_3 

Sept. 10, 2006, Bay of Plenty Times - "Creativity and stylists". "Hair salon Clifford Lamar ran the first round of its Apprentice-styled competition to choose a new stylist on Monday evening. Twenty-eight competitors showed up and were subjected to two seven-minute creativity tests. The first involved making a drawing, while in the second contestants had to create an origami figure. The finished products were given to judges for rating and about 10 competitors will be told they have been eliminated prior to the second stage of competition." http://www.bayofplentytimes.co.nz/localnews/storydisplay.cfm?storyid=3700537&thesection=localnews&thesubsection=&thesecondsubsection= 

Sept 9, 2006, online at Star-Gazette.com - "Making over a home really does bring a helper to tears". The article talks about a home rebuilt for the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. OrigamiUSA was contacted to provide decorations for an origami themed bedroom for a sight-impaired young girl. "One of the daughters' bedrooms has an origami theme. A lot of the furniture was built from nothing. The bed has all these little cubbies, and each one has an origami (sculpture) in it." http://www.stargazettenews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060909/COLUMNIST05/609090316 

A short interview with Robert J. Lang on ScienCentral News - http://www.sciencentral.com/articles/view.php3?type=article&article_id=218392855 

Sept. 29, 2006 "September's Bounty" by Dana Eldridge in The Cape Codder: "I'd like to invite you to share the sightings of a four- or five-mile boat trip I took a week or so ago. This trip was taken in our remarkable little folding boat, Origami. She is 12 feet long, and has a gas-sipping, six-horsepower, and four-stroke engine for propulsion - just perfect for the two of us on our shallow water expeditions."

Oct 11, 2006 in the Gulf Times - "Paper cranes carry students’ peace message". A group of students from Qatar Academy folded over 1000 cranes during 'Peace Week' and presented them to the Japanese ambassador to be sent to Hiroshima. http://www.gulf-times.com/site/topics/article.asp?cu_no=2&item_no=112268&version=1&template_id=36&parent_id=16 

10/23/2006 - "10 ways to amuse your kids while the turkey is cooking" by Gina Roberts-Grey. "2. Create Origami - A flower, pilgrim hat or turkey made with love offers your children a fun project and your holiday table a unique flair. Using napkins, tissue or construction paper, encourage the kids to create festive decorations while patiently waiting to eat. "Easy Origami" by John Montroll is a helpful book available in paperback for approximately $3.95"

In the November Astrology for Writers by Michael Lomas in OhmyNews: 'SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Print out the articles you have written this month. Then, using your origami skills, transform the pages into birds or airplanes or flowers. Then hang these paper "flights of fancy" over your PC monitor. Then ask yourself, "is it better to publish or decorate?"' http://english.ohmynews.com/articleview/article_view.asp?no=325439&rel_no=1 

10/29/06 - an article in The Missourian by Hsin-Yin Lee titled "The art of origami" covers origami history, the Sadako story, origami paper, and information on some local folders and on Robert Lang. http://columbiamissourian.com/news/story.php?ID=22513 

11/9/06 -  Storyline Australia on SBS (a public TV channel), there was a sad documentary about women who had their babies taken away for adoption at birth, usually never seeing them or saying goodbye.  There was a sad but moving moment when some of those women who have never found their children (now 20 - 30 years ago) placed origami boats  with their 'babies' names on them in a river, to sail away... It was incredibly sad, but hopefully healing, to see dozens of these boats drifting away.

theTranscript.com, November 2006, North Adams, MA - Heavy rain prevented the Women's House of Peace from walking in the 51st Fall Foliage Parade, since their props for the parade were 1,000 origami paper cranes. The cranes were instead used later in a "Thanksgiving for Peace" celebration where a group of Clarksburg Elementary School pupils performed "Sadako and the Peace Cranes". http://www.thetranscript.com/localnews/ci_4690779 

11/24/06 in Tennessean.com is "Cash is the right color, and you can make it sparkle too", by Mary Hance, with suggestions for giving gifts of cash: "... the folks suggested folding a bill — $10, $20, $100 or whatever you want to give — and slipping it into a clear snow globe picture frame. ... If you're really dexterous, maybe you could fold a bill into a colorful origami animal or maybe make a pretty origami box for the gift card. Web sites like origami-usa.com can help get you started. A clever presentation for either a gift card or cold cash is to insert a bill or the card itself into a balloon and then blow it up so that the goody is inside and can be seen but not spent until you pop the balloon." http://www.tennessean.com:80/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2006611240311 

In the November 27, 2006 USA Today is an ad for The Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America.  Concept and design is by ADLubow.com.  A contrail of words come from a soaring newspaper crane.  The words: The Arts fuel Creativity, Creativity Powers Ideas, and Ideas make Business Soar.  Verbiage in the folded newspaper discreetly contains the names of the honored groups that are listed elsewhere in the ad.

12/1/2006 - San Francisco Chronicle Editorial "A Day to Fight AIDS". " SAN FRANCISCO high schoolers are selling palm-sized origami cranes for 25 cents. Some 5,000 Beijing cab drivers are handing out health-tip cards to their fares. African radio stations are devoting an hour a day to one special subject. What's the connection? It's AIDS, the worldwide plague that now has its very own day, today, Dec. 1. The swing of activities around the globe should make the point: The deadly infection is best fought in different ways in different places." http://www.sfgate.com:80/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2006/12/01/EDGOULJ4V51.DTL 

In an editorial in the Indiana Daily Student, 12/4/06, writer Michelle Manchir is making a point about how caring for others provides greater meaning to life: "By majority U.S. standards, my life is extraordinarily mediocre, though I do effectually incorporate oxymorons into missives I write, and I can make a mean origami armadillo. ... because our lives are short and necessarily unexceptional, we must live in a way that is meaningful in relation to the lives of others." http://www.idsnews.com:80/news/story.php?id=39657&adid=opinion 

December 2006 - The Canadian government signed an agreement in principle for a treaty with a local First Nations (Indian) band and asked Joseph Wu to prepare the gift that they would give to the band to commemorate the signing ceremony. The Tsawwassen band is partial to the great blue heron, so he created a framed shadow box of two origami herons as the gift. It was shown briefly on CBC TV news.

12/15/06 in Lancaster Online, "Cranes Lift Spirits" by Jennifer Todd. Eight Japanese exchanges students attending school around Lancaster, PA, made 1000 cranes for the families of the victims of the West Nickel Mines School shooting because "they felt compelled to reach out to the Amish community after hearing about the tragedy, in which five young Amish girls were killed and five were wounded. ... "I don’t know what I’ll say to them,” Nomura said. “I’ll probably just tell them that we’re thinking of them — that we want them to have hope." http://local.lancasteronline.com:80/4/28705 

1/13/2007 - Origami by Mark Bolitho appeared on the front page of the 'Work' supplement of the Guardian (UK). The origami models included an umbrella, a brief case/bag and a man/woman.

01/27/2007 "An origami crane eases sky-high tension" by Jacey Ekhart in The Virginian-Pilot. "As a frequent air traveler, I don't exactly embrace other people's children with open arms. I was on a five-hour flight last month with a dad who brought no snacks, no stories and no toys for two little girls under 4. We weren't in the air 20 minutes before these girls started fussing and crying and kicking my seat. The dad told the girls to go to sleep. When they didn't, every woman in a 17-seat radius searched her carry-on for candy and cookies and markers and paper just to make the children stop. One woman started folding origami and sending it over to the girls. Nice, but were these kids really our responsibility?"

Rachel Young runs "Fold", a company that produces housewares based on origami. The Fold lampshade is the first of her designs. "The paper crane has to be my favourite origami design. This is the first fold I can remember learning. The version I like the most is the flapping crane - when you hold the front part and pull the tail gently, the wings flap." http://www.fold.co.nz/ 

Saturday 2/10/2007 Guardian (A UK newspaper) featured an origami article with a collection of diagrams for 10 models and some cut out patterned origami paper. There is also a write up on the British Origami Society. The diagrams were drawn by Nick Robinson and the models made by Mark Bolitho. There were also radio ads advertising the feature.

2/9/2007 in the Santa Cruz Sentinel - "Residents pledge to restore crane stolen from monument in La Selva Beach" by Daniel Lopez. "Over Thanksgiving weekend, an "origami crane" made of copper perched atop the Peace Pyramid in Triangle Park was stolen, according to a report made to the Sheriff's Office." This was the second time the copper model of an origami crane was stolen, and one hypothesis is that it was stolen to melt down the copper for sale. Residents are planning to replace it again, but the third model will not be of copper." UPDATE 2/13/2007 "Crane missing from Triangle Park recovered" by Daniel Lopez. "Jerry Inglis, who lives across the street from the park, found the sculpture in a large brown trash bag about 9:30 a.m., dumped in the middle of Solano Avenue. ... Members of a committee formed last week to brainstorm replacement ideas will shift their focus to keeping the crane secure from future theft." UPDATE 2/14/2007 "A deputy found the 20-inch tall sculpture over the weekend and brought it in to be booked as evidence. But after the crane was placed near bags of trash, it was inadvertently hauled to the county dump. It's now believed to be buried under tons of trash. A spokesman for the sheriff's department blames "human error" for the mistake, saying the department is "extremely disappointed and apologetic."   http://www.santacruzsentinel.com:80/archive/2007/February/09/local/stories/10local.htm 

2/13/2007 - In The Times Online, "Love token's mystery unfolds": "DORCHESTER Local history experts have unveiled the secrets of an 18th-century love token found in a family archive. Dorset History Centre staff copied the fragile sheet of paper, covered in fragments of a love poem illustrated with tiny watercolour pictures, and tried to solve what it meant. They found that it folded into a three-dimensional shape, around which the random lines of verse turned into a proposal of marriage. It is not known if the proposal was accepted." http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/education/article1375192.ece  http://www.dorsetforyou.com/index.jsp?articleid=362742

2/12/2007 in The News & Observer, "Eighth-grader is king of hearts" by Matt Ehlers: "Jim spent Christmas break folding origami Valentine's Day cards to raise money for the N.C. Children's Hospital at UNC-Chapel Hill. He owned the project, from idea to card construction to salesmanship, with only tiny bits of help from his mom. In the end, he raised more than $700." http://www.newsobserver.com:80/102/story/542367.html 

2/15/2007 - In Sydney half a dozen anti-whaling activists presented a huge Valentine's card, decorated with origami whales, to an official of the Japanese consulate. "It has 945 origami whales attached, representing the number of whales they aim to kill this season, in their so-called scientific whaling programme," said Greenpeace anti-whaling campaigner Rob Nicoll. http://www.stuff.co.nz:80/stuff/3963145a4560.html 

2/18/2007 San Francisco Chronicle, "Friends pay colorful tribute to James Kim". 1,000 origami cranes adorned the bandshell at Golden Gate Park for a memorial service honoring James Kim on Saturday. The 35-year-old Cnet editor died of hypothermia trying to save his family after they became stranded in the Oregon mountains. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/02/18/BAGJ6O6T6A1.DTL 

2/27/2007 in The Village Voice, "Fold Me Now" by Mara Altman, describes the more erotic origami creations of Marc Kirschenbaum. http://www.villagevoice.com/art/0709,altman,75913,13.html 

2/2007 As part of the Lunar New Year celebrations, street parades (Chingay Parades) are held in Singapore. The parades this year included 14 floats, one of which featured a huge rice bowl studded with hundreds of paper cranes. Larger paper cranes were randomly displayed around the float. This was part of a 'Cranes for Grain' project sponsored by a major rice distributor who donated one bowl of rice for every crane folded. A target of 840,000 paper cranes was set and surpassed. Photos below by Ronald Koh

2/2007 Thousands of paper cranes were hung from the ceiling along several corridors of a Kandang Kerbau Hospital in Singapore. The cranes were part of a 'Cranes Against Cancer' project spearheaded by the staff of the hospital, who folded more than 18,000 cranes from recycled paper. Photos below by Ronald Koh

"Stephen's charity challenge! Origami expert Stephen Watson has been at it again - for Comic Relief!"  Red Nose Day is a UK-wide fundraising event for thousands of poor and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa. On Red Nose Day everyone in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is encouraged to cast inhibitions aside, put on a red nose, and do something a bit silly to raise money. Stephen Watson was called in to knock a little something together for Red Nose Day - an amazing swan - complete with red "nose" of course! http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/content/articles/2007/03/13/rnd_origami_feature.shtml 

March 29, 2007 in the Ukiah Daily Journal, "Her enterprise is folding" by Katie Mintz. The article is about Louise Yale, who provided the awards for he annual UkiaHaiku Festival - a 8-piece origami modular. The piece is not complex, but "Haikus are very brief and short, and I wouldn't want to do an elaborate design for the trophies. These are direct, simple-type designs," Yale said. "I think it works." http://www.ukiahdailyjournal.com:80/ci_5530840 

March 28, 2007, Vancouver Sun, "Fame found by folding paper" by Michael Scott. Joseph Wu is interviewed, and discusses the growth of origami as an art, and mentions some of the pieces by other origami artists in his collection (a Joel Cooper mask, an Eric Joisel's figure). Wu has created an origami-themed tentatively entitled The Life of Paper, and has done commissions for clients such as Volkswagen, Intel, the Nagano Olympics, and Stolichnaya Vodka. http://www.canada.com:80/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=37811ad7-b3ae-40d0-b567-a7fe1becfccc 

April 2007 "Amnesty International Launched Action in Support of Zmitser Dashkevich" 14:38, 06/04/2007 “Amnesty International” has started a new international campaign in support of the Belarusian political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich. In spring 2007 activists and members of AI will send some thousand origami cranes to the Belarusian Minister of Internal Affairs Uladzimir Navumau to demand the release of the detained youth activist. http://www.charter97.org/eng/news/2007/04/06/amnesty 

April 2007 - "Can letterami save the world?" by Emily Goodson in the Tribune&Georgian. Visit Robert Castleberry's Web site, www.onepieceofpaper.com, and print a message out on a piece of paper. Fold it into an envelope, then fold a separate piece of paper into a origami figure, such as a swan, heart or peace dove, and place it inside the envelope. Send the Letteramis to a friend or family member, who are supposed to repeat the process once they receive the message. The origami chain letter is supposed to spread the "mental and physical benefits of origami, such as improving motor skills and concentration, relieving stress and building self-confidence." http://www.tribune-georgian.com:80/articles/2007/04/06/news/top_stories/2topstory4.4.txt http://www.onepieceofpaper.com/ 

April 12, 2007 in the Japan Times, "10,000 paper cranes added to 9/11 N.Y. visitor center" "Ten thousand paper cranes folded by the Japanese families and friends of Fuji Bank employees killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were hung Tuesday at a visitor center near ground zero. ... The colorful chains of cranes vary in form -- ranging from those made from sheet music to others made from traditional origami paper. They are grouped into 150 strands that hang over a staircase leading from a room dedicated to the victims to another more uplifting area that focuses on the "voices of promise." " http://search.japantimes.co.jp:80/mail/nn20070412a6.html 

April 12, 2007 in The Columbian, "Paper Trail, by Mike Bailey, is about Chris Yang. He did painting an calligraphy in China, worked for the pulp and paper making industry in the US, was sent to China by the United Nations to teach papermaking, and now does several art forms related to paper, including painting, folding (and wet folding), cutting, and writing. http://www.columbian.com:80/lifeHome/lifeHomeNews/04122007news125915.cfm 
.(Janet L. Mathews/The Columbian

April 15, 2007 - Robert J. Lang folded an American Flag for an illustration that appears in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. The Times Magazine asked 10 artists to design "green" flags to illustrate Thomas L. Friedman's cover story. Lang's flag has 50 stars and 13 stripes from a single uncut square, and took 7 days to make. There is a web movie showing the planning and folding of the flag: http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=2cbb146b480e3ad145e2550e73f846fe73201b78 

April 15, 2007 in The Sun (UK), "Fold the front page!" by Dave Masters. "Expert Mark [Bolitho] was showing off his folding skills in London yesterday to promote npower's green drive to scrap paper bills and get people to go online to pay instead." http://www.thesun.co.uk:80/article/0,,2-2007170071,00.html 

April 16, 2007 - a gunman shot and killed 32 students at Virginia Tech University. One of the victims of the was Henh Ly. "Henh Ly (Henry Lee) was a student in my class during the Summer Scholars program ... He was a bright spot - as I look at the picture I took of him with a classmate, I see his quirky sense of humor behind his smile. Henh loved origami. LOVED IT! He taught everyone and anyone who wanted to learn how to make different figures. He could make a paper crane faster than anyone I've ever seen. He made at least one (sometimes 20) paper cranes for me everyday." http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/virginiatech.shootings/victims/profiles/henry.lee.html 

April 20, 2007 - "Drake Students Rally for Hokies" on whotv.com "The deaths of students and teachers at Virginia Tech have touched the lives of students across the country, including here in Iowa. Thursday, students at Drake University found a creative way to show their support to Virginia Tech. They made Origami paper cranes. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. The crane is an international symbol of peace. Drake students hope their cranes will send the message of solidarity to the students at Virginia Tech." http://www.whotv.com:80/global/story.asp?s=6399785 

4/26/07 in the Leamington Observer (UK) - "On paper it looked like a good career" by JC. "FOLDING under pressure has become a way of life for Rick Beech. The Leamington resident is the UK's only origami professional. He has spent 17 years at the crease turning his childhood hobby of paper sculpture into a successful business." The article mentions that Rick create origami models of Paul O'Grady's dogs (Buster and Olga) for his chat show, and that Rick is about to embark on his 25th cruise teaching origami." http://leamington.observertoday.co.uk/news.tvt?_ticket=REHDALOLO9M2TRRIVQQD9NTHLZIZBHSJ7TRFPORCIN1EBMQ9CHVRG13EIOQNANSEANYBGGSGW4THHONCNPUDALNNHORGUT4TUNNADYNWNKLAFUVJYQRFLZHXWMTEDYKACNTFURYIHONHDMTEGQKACOWFURUQC443R18&_scope=Flow/Websites/Leamington/News&id=285462 

April 22, 2007 - The Chicago Tribune had an article in the Home and Garden section about the expected emergence this year of the 17 year cicadas. There was also an article called, "Now that's a cicada of a different color", with photo instructions for a model by Kyu-Seok Oh. There were also a downloadable pdf and video instructions available online at http://www.chicagotribune.com/cicada 

Eighth-grade students from Enslow Middle gathered at the West Virginia Federal Credit Union to learn the value of a dollar. "The students toured the credit union engaging in six interactive financial stations, including lessons in reviewing their investment options, check writing, doubling their money, making $1 origami rings and making a complete financial transaction." http://www.herald-dispatch.com:80/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070502/NEWS01/705020333/1001/NEWS10 

"Origami gains in complexity and artistry" by Christopher Twarowski. The author quotes Marc Kirschenbaum, Tony Cheng, Jan Polish, and Roert Lang and includes a slide show http://www.azcentral.com:80/ent/arts/articles/0502origami0502.html 

May 25, 2007 Paper planes article in Guardian, UK. "Slip the surly bonds of earth with a folded sheet of A4. Jonathan Glancey, who spent his childhood manufacturing squadrons of paper aviation, offers some tips." The newspaper included a special 8-page supplement in the May 26th paper with paper plane designs and tips. The website includes diagrams for several models and pre-colored designs to print out for folding. http://lifeandhealth.guardian.co.uk/guides/paperplanes/0,,2085687,00.html 

May 2007 - Tom Hull was filmed and interviewed by the Nashua (New Hampshire) Telegraph. The article is titled, "Professor Origami" by Dave Brooks. He talks about origami-math, shows various models, and folds his flapping bat. Models shown were John Montroll's Stegasaurus (Origami for the Connoisseur), Toshikazu Kawasaki's Rose (Origami for the Connoisseur), Max Hulme's Spider (in the Origami: Paperfolding for Fun book by Eric Kenneway), Kawasaki's Rose Tessellation (Rose, Origami, and Mathematics), Jun Maekawa's Devil (Viva! Origami), and others of his own design. http://www.nashuatelegraph.com:80/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070530/COLUMNISTS03/70530001/-1/OPINION02 

May 31, 2007 - "Artist collects 30,000 origami whales for exhibit" by Bill McAllister. Peggy Oki created an exhibit of 30,000 origami whales folded by volunteers to illustrate the number of whales killed since a 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling. http://www.ktuu.com:80/Global/story.asp?S=6596432 

June 7, 2007 - Inmates try to cheer up fellow prisoner Paris Hilton by giving her an origami butterfly made from a magazine page.

May 5, 2007 - "Paper in the park not destined for trash can" By Erika Benson. "[Joel] Cooper specializes in origami and uses tessellations as his inspiration. To understand what a tessellation is, just think of a big puzzle. The pieces of the puzzle can be any shape and are usually uniform throughout. They fit directly together, without any gaps.... Cooper will join more than 140 other artists at the 46th annual Art in the Park on Sunday in South Park. The event is sponsored by the Lawrence Art Guild."
Photo by Mike Yoder 

July 15, 2007 - "Society for Physically Disabled holds charity show to raise S$5m" by May Wong, Channel NewsAsia. A charity show in Singapore featured actor Christopher Lee, in his first public appearance since his recent release from prison, folding paper cranes as part of his contribution to help raise money. "International celebrities showed off their singing and acting skills, while the physically-disabled also proved their strengths by painting works of art and using feet to fold origami." http://www.channelnewsasia.com:80/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/288330/1/.html 

August 6, 2007 in the Connecticutt Post, "Youngsters teach origami to honor soldiers" by Tony Spinelli. "

That was the lesson at the Milford Senior Center Monday afternoon when 20 seniors with no knowledge of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, tried their hands at the craft to help two local middle school girls with a special project. The girls, Lindsey Seyfried and Sarah Robitaille, both 12, have a goal of making 3,000 origami cranes as a tribute to the more than 3,000 American servicemen and women killed in Iraq." http://www.connpost.com:80/localnews/ci_6559986 

September 5, 2007 in The Statesman was an article about things to do when the power is out: "4. Origami: Origami is the art of paper folding, to create vivid shapes, paper animals, landforms and what not. This doesn’t require scissors most often, so there’s limited risk of cutting oneself in the dark. Also this is a fun and creative hobby." http://www.thestatesman.net:80/page.news.php?clid=18&theme=&usrsess=1&id=168684 

Sep 12, 2007, on asahi.com, "Origami finds home at 9/11 memorial" by Kim Soon Hi. "A day after America mourned the victims of 9/11 on Tuesday, a paper crane folded by a 12-year-old girl who died in October 1955 of leukemia caused by the atomic bombing will be presented to the New York memorial for victims of that tragedy. What makes the gift so special is that the origami is one of 1,000 that Masahiro's sister, Sadako, folded in her determination to survive the illness that eventually took her life." http://www.asahi.com/english/Herald-asahi/TKY200709120074.html 

Sept 21, 2007 - On the front page of the Globe and Mail (Canada) is a story about the rising value of the loonie (the Canadian dollar). The picture accompanying the story shows a golden metal up-arrow, representing the loonie (which is gold colour) and a folded American dollar down-arrow.

The reworking and compromises foreseen in the Middle East Peace roadmap was referred to origami in "The Road Map's Dead End" by Ian Williams, "Coming soon to a TV screen near you later this month is the latest global Origami challenge, also known as the Annapolis Middle East peace conference. There a piece of paper formerly known as the "road map", will be folded, torn and squeezed through yet more quantum-style dimensions in an attempt to prove it still has life." http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk:80/ian_williams/2007/11/dead_end_road_map.html 

Vicky Mihara Avery was chosen as one of eight competing in the 11th annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest in New York City Friday, Nov. 30 [2007]. The competition challenges wrappers to wrap up to three different gifts of varying difficulty. Wrappers are eliminated as the competition progresses until one winner is awarded the $10,000 prize. Vicky is an origami artist with instructional DVDs and appearances on the Martha Stewart show showing her craft. In the first round of the wrapping competition, all contestants will wrap a boxed pair of skates. Four will advance to wrap a snowboard with boots and bindings out of a box. The remaining two will wrap a 2008 Yamaha Phazer Snowmobile. UPDATE: Janet Smith, a gift-wrapping guru from Willow Grove, Penn., was crowned Americas Most Gifted Wrapper" for 2007, the first runner-up was Vicky Mihara Avery, from Montara, Calif.

A Christmas tree at JTAN Bakery in Lexington, KY has put on spin on tradition and rather than being covered with 1000 cranes, is covered over 1000 origami figures of all shapes and sizes. The staff of the bakery, which opened in spring 2006, wanted to show their gratitude for the people in the community who have welcomed them and become fans of their cultural sweets. Co-owner Tatsuya "Tattoo" Kimura said the origami is a cultural way of expressing feelings for a culture that does easily express emotion and appreciation. Kimura was worried about how the bakery would be received in Lexington because there is not a large Japanese community, but now about 60 percent of JTAN bakery's customers are non-Japanese. http://www.kentucky.com:80/141/story/249911.html 

The sixth grade class at Waldorf School is helping to raise money for a Kindergartner disagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Jonas Powell came up with the idea of folding 1,000 origami paper cranes and finding people to sponsor each one for $1. "The class would have an extra $1,000 to give Betty's family," Jonas Powell said. Shelburne's Nova Natural Toys and Crafts has donated 1,000 sheets of colored origami paper. "Origami project benefits student with leukemia" by By Lynn Monty in the Burlington Free Press. http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com:80/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071207/NEWS02/712070319/1007 

December 15, 2007 in the Yomiuri Shimbun, "Arita ceramic craftsmen fired up with new ideas". Hideya Seki, 69-year-old president of Kanyosha, a ceramic products firm, has invented a white porcelain sheet that can be folded like paper, allowing it to be used in the art of origami. His invention is a mixture of ceramic powder and washi Japanese paper, which he makes by hand using a centuries-old tradition. He places the paper into a thick solution of powder and lays out the resulting mixture to dry into "white porcelain sheets." Each sheet is 15.5 centimeters square and two to three millimeters thick.

December 16, 2007 - There is a very nice origami angel featured on the front cover of  the Sunday Telegraph (UK) TV guide today. And the diagrams to make the model which is by Mark Bolitho are included inside. The diagrams are at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2007/12/16/sv_origami.xml (scroll down to the bottom).

December 16, 2007 in the Roanoke Times - "33,000 cranes. 1 purpose" by Greg Esposito. "Crane eruptions. A "tornado strand" of cranes. Cascading cranes, filling the ceiling. When you have 33,000 paper cranes to work with, the possibilities are many. And the artists gathered in Virginia Tech's Perspective Gallery explored plenty of them last Sunday morning. They called it "cranestorming."" The crane display was created to honor Tech students and faculty killed in the April 16 shootings at Virginia Tech using the thousands of origami cranes sent to the university after the tragedy. "The group settled on an idea of 33 circles [for the 32 victims and the shooter] of cranes on the floor with cranes hanging from the ceiling at different levels to show their ascension. The shades of colors gradually get lighter the closer the cranes are to the ceiling. Colors also change from bright at the front of the gallery to darker ones in the back. Each circle of cranes on the floor surrounds a mirror, symbolizing water" http://www.roanoke.com:80/news/nrv/wb/143613 
Jared Soares | The Roanoke Times

December 17, 2007 on cnn.com/asia - Cassie Phillips was in Battambang, Cambodia and helped folding 100 riel notes into little boats. During the prayers at the pagodas the monks sprinkle water over the people, and the boats were made to mix with candy for the monks to sprinkle over the people as a blessing.

January 2008 on BruneiDirect.com - "Seri Q-Lap Mall To Hold 1st Ever Paper Plane Contest" by Rosli Abidin Yahya. "Paper plane makers, flyers and hobbyists will be glad to know that the first ever paper plane contest will be held at the Seri Q-Lap Mall, Kiulap on March 9 in an effort to educate the public as well as to create awareness on aerodynamics. ... The contest will be based on the distance a paper plane could fly on being released from the second floor of the mall as well as its maneuvering." The mail rules are: Participants must use recycled A4 paper, cuts are allowed, leftovers of the cuts can be reused, however no clips, tape, glue, or staples are allowed. http://www.brudirect.com:80/DailyInfo/News/Archive/Jan08/100108/nite14.htm 

January 18, 2008 - origami helps solve a crime. It seems a victim described a dollar bill folded into origami as among cash that was stolen. The origami piece was found on the suspect with other cash. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com:80/story/106916 

January 25, 2008 - 'Questions that you never want to answer' by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie "It's the early days of the US-led war in Iraq and Karen Chekerdjian, a Beirut-born designer, has just relocated to Amman. She is an ardent fan of origami. When she married, not long ago, she sent out her wedding invitations folded in origami fashion. But now she is alone in the Jordanian capital and listening to the sounds of aircraft overhead with incrementally mounting anxiety. To pass the time, she folds a paper plane, then another and then another still. But her aircraft - fragile, delicate, light and artfully rendered - seem incapable of even mentally counterbalancing the ominous referents that are buzzing above her. She decides to make one out of metal." http://www.dailystar.com.lb:80/article.asp?edition_id=10&categ_id=4&article_id=88368 

January 2008 - "Robert J. Lang - The Art and Science of Paper Folding" in Apple News. The article highlights Robert's use of the Apple Mac and a 30-ince Cinema display in developing and running his ReferenceFinder and TreeMaker software as well as the commercial product Matematica from Wolfram. http://www.apple.com:80/science/profiles/origami/?sr=hotnews?sr=hotnews.rss 

January 30, 2008 - "The Mourning After" by Nicole Sperling notes that the makeshift memorial for actor Heath Ledger includes "Dozens of brightly colored origami cranes have been sprinkled on piles of flowers..." http://www.ew.com:80/ew/article/0,,20174829,00.html 

2/22/2008 - Area Pupils Craft Paper Airplanes For Ailing Child by S. Alexander Gerould in the Post-Journal. Hunter Winship, 5, from the town of Freedom in Cattaraugus County, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Burkitt’s Lymphoma. In order to keep his mind off all of the medical treatments, Hunter’s mother, Cheryl, and an aunt found the perfect distraction. They would try to break a Guinness Book of World Records record for the number of paper airplanes received.

November 10, 1999 - Members of the World Peace Project folded the world's largest paper crane in the Seattle Kingdome in Seattle, WA (USA). The crane, with a wingspan of 215 feet 8 inches, height of 120 feet, and a weight of 1750 pounds was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. It was engineered by Owen M Kohashi PE., Kurt Nordquist PE., Jon D. Magnusson PE., E. Douglas Loesch PE. and Neal Luck of Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire, and was folded out of a single piece of paper. http://www.sadako.org/largestcrane.htm 

March 3, 2008 in the Edmonton Journal, "Protest may enfold City Hall" by Hanneke Brooymans. "A flock of origami snow geese could flutter into City Hall this month as part of a public campaign to stop the Dodds-Roundhill coal gasification project, which some fear will damage Beaverhill Lake. ... Rewild Alberta! and Voice for Animals plan to present city hall with 1,000 origami snow geese with the wish that Epcor will pull out of what [Kevin] Stewart calls a destructive project." http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/cityplus/story.html?id=aba31b68-2bf4-462a-9740-00a55fcc44f2&k=61393 

March 3, 2008 in the Daily Journal, "Gregg Chenoweth: Trend -- artistic science and scientific art" discusses several exhibits and research colabarations where the line between science and art are blurred. Of interest: "Look at Tufts University near Boston. An exhibit launched last week blurred lines between art and science. One item called "DNA Origami" displays a photograph of actual DNA strands pulled and twisted by a device into aesthically pleasing shapes. Another called "Computational Origami" was paper sculpture that changes into different 3-D shapes depending on the folding sequence." http://www.daily-journal.com:80/archives/dj/display.php?id=415456 

March 2008 in the Hampshire News, "Rhys goes for Mississippi adventure" by Gareth Lewis. Rhys Jones, 21, hit the headlines when he celebrated his 20th birthday on the summit of Mount Everest, making him the youngest person ever to climb the seven highest summits on each of the world's seven continents. His new adventure plan is to travel the length of the Mississippi River in a paper boat. He says the idea was inspired by his father's origami book. He plans to make the 3-month, 3700 mile float with his father in a boat made using minimal glue. Father and son duo Alan and Rhys Jones will use the SunPride juice cartons as an airtight raft sitting between the two hulls of their paper boat. The boat is a 6ft by 12ft double hull built of juice carton material and made using origami folding techniques to be watertight and durable. A solar energy system will power an electric outboard motor.

March 2008 -  Hunter is 5 years old and undergoing cancer treatment. His mother thought collecting paper airplanes would take his mind off his treatments. Here is a CNN news video showing Hunter and the amazing number of planes coming in. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2008/03/19/million.paper.airplanes.wgrz 

March 2008 - Robert Lang and lasers for curved folding are shown. Click on Elephant for video. http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/drive_to_discover&id=6037849 

April 2008 - Erik Demaine is co-winner of the second annual Katayanagi Prizes in Computer Science. Demaine’s work focuses on computational origami, the mathematical aspect of the centuries-old Japanese tradition of paper folding. http://www.thetartan.org:80/2008/4/14/scitech/katayanagi 

April 20, 2008, "Row unfolds over origami maps" by Holly Watt in the Sunday Times - "The design of a series of maps based on origami techniques is the subject of a fight between the GeoCenter publishing group, which produces Berlitz maps, and Bath-based Compass Maps." http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/media/article3778417.ece http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article3785378.ece 

April 23, 2008 - A rally to protest a coal strip mine took place at Edmonton City Hall. The mine threatens wetlands that are an important stop on the Snow Geese migration route. Protesters folded origami snow geese the held them aloft in flight formation.  http://thingsiseehearandthink.blogspot.com:80/2008/04/one-thousand-snow-geese-rally-in.html 

May 9, 2008 in the Columbus Dispatch, "Grandma making a dream come true" by Ann Fisher. "Like origami, we all come from a series of apparently unrelated folds and creases that, over time, are hidden from view but, together, form a lifetime, a life, a person. If we take the time to unfold ourselves, to examine the creases -- even the ones with flaws and tears -- we sometimes find our dreams, the kind we have when we're awake." The article is about a grandma who started a drama and arts after school program. The kids will be staging a play about Noah's Ark that uses origami butterflies and birds. http://dispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2008/05/09/ann09.ART_ART_05-09-08_B2_EBA5DQ4.html?sid=101 

May 22, 2008 in the Las Cruces Sun-News, "Couple folds war dead's personal information into memorial" by S. Derrickson Moore. Tim Reed and Vickie Aldrich created a memorial with a paper crane representing each American serviceman or woman killed in combat in Iraq. The memorial includes "...a strip of paper that included the name, rank, hometown, and service division of each casualty, along with information about how the person died and a photograph, if available. Each information strip is mounted next to a white paper crane in groups on a black panel."  ""Who could have predicted this war would go on longer than World War II? We now have over 4,000 paper cranes on 110 panels which, if put end to end, are almost the length of a football field," Reed said." http://www.lcsun-news.com:80/ci_9298631?source=most_emailed 

May 23, 2008 - Judy Dunn, of Acton, MA, folds the classic origami crane form out of polymer clay. She has posted a video on YouTube showing her methods. A family in Indiana contacted Dunn to make a dozen cranes with the name "Bobby" on one wing and the word "Believe" on the other. Bobby was a Marine killed in Iraq. He loved origami, and while in Iraq, he would fold cranes and hand them out to Iraqi children. Dunn decided to make polymer cranes for each soldier killed in Iraq, and to make waxed paper cranes for the Iraqis killed in the conflict. http://www.prweb.com:80/releases/2008/5/prweb968174.htm 

Children taken from the Yearning for Zion compound of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints restricted in the clothes and colors they can wear, are not allowed in the swimming pool, are only allowed books such as "Little House on the Prairie" and can only watch is Animal Planet on TV. It turns out that one of the activities they are allowed is origami. http://www.reporternews.com:80/news/2008/may/27/crafty-idea/ 

June 24, 2008 - "UPDATE 2-Thai PM gets second parliament grilling" by Chalathip Thirasoonthrakul. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej is described as sitting quietly folding origami birds during a two-day no-confidence debate. http://www.reuters.com/article/rbssFinancialServicesAndRealEstateNews/idUSBKK14986620080624?pageNumber=1&virtualBrandChannel=0 

July 1, 2008 on kutv.com - "A man who escaped from prison left an origami flower made out of toilet paper as a way of saying sorry. Luis Camacho-Mendoza was recaptured a day later after police received a tip about where he was hiding." http://www.kutv.com:80/content/news/watercooler/story.aspx?content_id=c63058fb-7a73-4e7f-a28d-4f023a8563f0 

September 15, 2008 - Ratnakar Mahajan created an eco-friendly Ganesha which included a with the saffron, one-foot paper-mache Ganpati decorated the area with origami flowers, lanterns, torans, diyas and 21 modaks. Mahajan and his family took 8 days to put up the installation. Even though the flowers, modaks and lanterns and weren't real and thus didn't perform their usual function, the response was positive. On visarjan day, Mahajan and his family immersed the moorti in a tub of water. Mahajan is planning to use the pulp to make more decorative pieces. http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1190125 

September 26, 2008, "CULTURE & MORE: Hand-towel bunnies are one thing, profits another", by Louis Templado. Isamu Sasagawa makes origami figures from oshibori, the moist hand towels given to customers at Japanese restaurants. Some of his models include a duckling, a bunny, a sailboat, and a supplicating man. "Think of it as origami, only damp. All in all, he can make up to 150 different figures from a single hand towel, all of which are diagrammed in the two-volume "Cho Ukeru Oshibori-hiyoko no Tsukurikata" (How to make super-cool hand towel chicks) that he's put out by Ikeda Shoten, a publishing firm better known for its origami books." http://www.asahi.com/english/Herald-asahi/TKY200809260062.html 

In USA TODAY, September 30, 2008, on page 11A, there is a picture of Uncle Sam bailing water out of a folded dollar boat - a reference to the current economic crisis in the USA.

September 30, 2008 - Caden Gowan, a 16-year-old from Boulder, CO, is making of origami " Cranes for Change," which are being sold to raise money for the Obama campaign. http://denver.yourhub.com:80/Boulder/Stories/Elections/Candidate-questionnaires/Story~527817.aspx 
Provided by: Faith Gowan

November 2008 - An Amnesty International campaign by the German Scholz & Friends agency stated "We can change what they do". George Bush, Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are shown doing origami, crochet, and making animal balloons. Coming out right before the US Presidentidal election, this seems to be a reminder that we need to ensure our leaders understand our desire for peace and to stop making wars and start enjoying life. http://www.culture-buzz.com:80/blog/We-can-change-what-they-do-1909.html 

Nov. 8, 2008 - The Wall Street Journal, page B1, Money & Investing, under the Intelligent Investor column, there is a drawing of an electrocardiogram strip with a butterfly folded at the end. Credit is given to Heath Hinegardner.

December 2008 - San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and the Rainbow World Fund (RWF) unveiled "THE TREE OF HOPE" in San Francisco’s City Hall Rotunda. The 20 foot holiday tree was decorated with 5000 white origami cranes & silver stars, each containing written wishes for the future of the world from individuals across the nation and around the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCT4PqCiQhE 

December 2, 2008 in the WebUrbanist - "15 of the World’s Most Creative Papercraft Artists" features "Eric Joisel - Detailed Classic Monster Figures" and "Brian Chan - Elegantly Crafted Insect Sculptures". http://weburbanist.com/2008/12/02/papercraft-creative-paper-art-design-sculpture/  

December 2008 - "Kettles collect lint, other surprises" by Jason Hardin in the News-Record. Unusual things turn up in Salvation Army collection kettles. Contributions include foreign coins, fuses, keys, watch batteries, washers, safety pins, wedding rings, or fake money. "Some contributors carefully fold their dollars into origami, which, while it ultimately has to be unfolded, still gets appreciated along the way." http://www.news-record.com:80/content/2008/12/08/article/kettles_collect_lint_other_surprises 

December 10 2008 - Owner Rowena Baca and manager Cathy Baca Soto of The Owl Café, in San Antonio, N.M., followed annual tradition an took down the dollars that patrons had been tacking to the walls all year and donated them to charity. "Many of the dollar bills have messages written on them. There's also a wall of origami folded bills ranging from cranes to shirts." http://www.dchieftain.com:80/news/85317-12-13-08.html 

The state penitentiary in Florence, AZ has a Prison Outlet store selling items crafted by inmates are putting their own stamp on prison posh. Items include a license plate purse, a ship in a coke bottle, a lighthouse made of popsicle sticks, a dust pan from a license plate, and an elaborate paper basket of origami flowers. Inmates earn back 75 percent on each item they sell. http://www.azcentral.com:80/12news/news/articles/2008/12/12/20081212prisonstore12122008-CR.html 

December 2008 - A business card origami model of the Worcester, MA (USA) transportation hub may be the largest Origami ever attempted. Organized by first night Worcester director Joyce Kressler and mathematician Jeannine Mosley, consists of 100,000 cards, surpassing the previous record of 66,000. Volunteers included teachers and students from 15 Worcester schools. http://www.necn.com:80/Boston/Arts-Entertainment/2008/12/26/Students-attempt-biggest/1230332287.html 

December 30, 2008 - The Wall Street Journal column Deal Journal, posted by Heidi N. Moore. "You’ll never get BlackRock alive, Ken Lewis: The giant fund manager is rearranging its common and preferred shares in some sort of complicated financial origami after Bank of America bought BlackRock shareholder Merrill Lynch. As a result, Merrill Lynch’s voting stake in BlackRock is cut down to a paltry 4.9%, even though the investment bank technically owns 49% of BlackRock’s shares. At the same time, PNC Financial Services will have 47% of the voting rights, while holding only 33% of the ownership. Heh."

January 19, 2009 in the Charlotte Observer - "As Bush era folds, so does artwork" by Anne Blythe. On January 20, 2005 (the day George W. Bush took office for his second term) Hunter Levinsohn started a project folding cranes from the front page of The New York Times. She has folded one every day and will complete the project and display the cranes on January 20, 2009 when Barack Obama is sworn into office. http://www.charlotteobserver.com:80/local/story/481866.html 

March 2009 - An article about Tamms super-max prison in Illinois included a photo of inmate Joseph Dole, serving a life sentence for murder, in his cell. There are modular origami constructions on the floor. http://www.chicagotribune.com:80/news/local/chi-090223-tamms-photogallery,0,1614579.photogallery 

March 2009 - "Walk for a more peaceful world" by David Maccar. "The 8th annual Walk For a New Spring, organized by the monks and nuns of the Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Order, began at the order's New England Peace Pagoda in Leverett, Mass., on Feb. 13 before heading to Boston and moving south through New England, New York and into New Jersey. ... They also hope to meet with President Barack Obama to present him with an American flag created by high school students in Ashburnham, Mass., from red, white and blue origami peace cranes." http://www.phillyburbs.com:80/news/news_details/article/16/2009/march/17/walk-for-a-more-peaceful-world.html 

March 17, 2009 in the Las Vegas Sun - "Sheriff looking for cooperation on budget cuts" by Abigail Goldman. "The Clark County sheriff is attempting a “zero growth” budget — in other words, he won’t ask for any more money this year than last year. But squeezing a no-growth budget out of a pro-growth department is complicated origami, with fiscal folds sharp enough to cut not just the sheriff’s salary, but the paychecks of his employees as well." http://www.lasvegassun.com:80/news/2009/mar/17/sheriff-looking-cooperation-budget-cuts/ 

April 15, 2009 in the Streatham Guardian, "Rabbits take over Brockwell Park". "Giant origami rabbits, ranging in size from a few centimetres to seven feet tall, were placed around the park as part of an epic Easter egg hunt that took place on Sunday."  http://www.streathamguardian.co.uk:80/news/4290484.Rabbits_take_over_Brockwell_Park/ 

April 20, 2009 - The Seattle Sketcher (Gabriel Campanario) from the Seattle Times drew Ray Takeuchu during the Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival at the Seattle Center. http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/seattlesketcher/2009/04/20/origami.html 

May 2009 - More than 37, 000 students from 85 countries competed to qualify for the Red Bull Paper Wings Championships at Red Bull's Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria.

Convicted double-child-rapist-and-murderer Colin Pitchfork, 49, was the first person ever to be convicted based on DNA evidence in the UK. He has been serving a life sentence since 1988. He created an origami orchestra titled “Bringing Music to Life,” which he hoped would convince a parole board that he was a reformed man. The piece was displayed at the Royal Festival Hall in early April 2009, but was quickly removed after patrons and staff discovered the identity of the artist.

May 2009 - Alejandro Espino Garcia spent a week carefully folding 868 strips of Doritos bags and cookie boxes from the Saline County Jail commissary  to make a cover for his Bible. However, inmate art is considered contraband, and it was confiscated. Sheriff Glen Kochanowski is adding the Bible cover to a display of inmate art in a glass case in the sheriff's office. The diverse display already includes two nearly life-sized cowboy hats and a rose bud made of toilet paper, and a set of origami swans that get increasingly tiny.
(photo by Tom Dorsey / Salina Journal)

May 2009 - Michelle Reed and Carly Gutzmann of Eagen, MN folded paper cranes for each of the thousands of Japanese-Americans sent to camps following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They received folded cranes from around the world and reached the goal of 120,000 cranes. http://www.kare11.com:80/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=739057&catid=14 

June 22, 20009 - Newsweek printed a picture of a dollar bill Chinese dragon.

July 2009 - First Lady Michelle Obama toured Russia and was given an origami gift by a child at an orphanage she visited.

September 2009 - Mong Thongdee won the national paper airplane contest in Thailand and was invited to compete in Japan's Origami Plane Association competition from September 19-20. However, he was born in Thailand to Myanmar migrant labourers and has thus been denied Thai citizenship. If Mong leaves Thailand, they said, he may be unable to return to the kingdom UPDATE: Mong was granted a special travel document for non-citizens, permitting him one re-rentry to Thailand, and enabling him to represent Thailand in the Origami Airplane Contest. At the competition in Japan, he took 3rd place in the individual competition and his team took first place in the team competition. http://enews.mcot.net/view.php?id=11613 http://www.nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/30111283/High-flier-boy-would-go-to-Japan-origami-contest 

Emily Richmond is a 24 year old from LA planning a 2 year solo voyage around the world. She is using origami to help raise funds. For a $5 pledge, she makes you an origami sailboat. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eerichmond/lets-sail-around-the-world-the-first-ever-communi  http://www.bobbieroundstheworld.com/ 

September 2009 - In the Baltimore Sun, "Cheap dates that make you look rich". Number 4 was a trip to the local library for a reading, film screening, lecture, then continued: "Or plan a date around learning something new together. Check out a book on how to do magic tricks, tie balloon animals, fold origami, sculpt clay or cook an ethnic meal, for instance." http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/sns-personalfinance-cheap-dates,0,7496912.story 

September 2009 - "Wall Street Model Is Just Financial Origami: Brendan Moynihan" on bloomberg.com. The commentary piece likens the Wall Street and mortgage crisis to origami. "Start with the premise that Wall Street transfers risk from those who don’t want it to those who do, using one or more of the three pieces of paper: stock, bond, and derivative. ... The variations on these products aren’t as complex as they sound or look. The firms simply fold and refold the three core pieces of paper into intricate designs, sometimes to skirt regulations, sometimes to meet investor needs, always to make as much money as possible."  "Wall Street also applied financial origami to the mortgage- lending process, unfolding the origination, funding and servicing components so they could be carried out by separate companies. ... This financial origami created conflicts of interest and incentives to grant loans bankers previously might never have made." http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&sid=aeOSCWJBe2nc 

September 2009 - Robert J. Lang and Linda Tomoko Mihara participated in a event for Conservation International at Greeley Park in New York. During the course of the day, they folded a large-scale display of an origami rainforest to garner support for forest protection ahead of the UN General Assembly and Copenhagen climate negotiations. Harrison Ford and President Bharrat Jagdeo of Guyana, attended the event. http://www.caribbeanworldnews.com/lists_details.php?p=1&img=589
Lots of photos here: http://www.throughmyeyesstudio.com/Events/ORIGAMI/9723756_DGLTU#664979122_R5WXN 

September 2009 - A photo in the Journal Star shows Adam Geier of Morton Troop 178 wearing a folded paper hat at Boy Scout camp. http://www.pjstar.com/features/x1079922113/Heartland-100-Years-of-Scouting?view=pop&photo=7 

October 25, 2009 - The Sunday Telegraph (UK) had a article about increasing your intelligence. One suggestion was practicing origami.

The 2010 Rose Parade float from the town of city of La Cañada Flintridge is titled “Scissored Wizard” and features a giant origami dragon that will fold and unfold as it makes its way down the parade route. The float will also include "origami" flowers (covered with real plant material, of course). The float won the 2010 Fantasy Trophy for the Most Outstanding Display of Fantasy & Imagination. http://www.lacanadaonline.com/articles/2009/12/03/news/lnws-float1203.txt  
LCFTRA President Pam Wiedenbeck,left "Wizard: Joel Smith, and event chair Sharon Boettcher present the design for the 2010 La Cañada Flintridge float, titled "Scissored Wizard."

Larger pictures - http://community.webshots.com/album/575999710OrwIGo?start=48 
Videos of the incredible movements of the dragon - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfsyw-puJ1w 

December 13, 2009 in MercuryNews.com - "Laced in leis of blue-and-gold origami cranes, 42 former University of California-Berkeley students whose education was disrupted by World War II internment were awarded honorary degrees on Sunday. Relatives represented 78 more students who had died or were too infirm to attend." http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_13991035?source=most_viewed http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2009/12/16_japaneseamericans.shtml 
Yukio Kawamoto celebrates his freshly minted Cal diploma. (Cathy Cockrell/NewsCenter photo)

A small origami crane folded by Sadako Sasaki, victim of leukemia and subject of a memorial in Japan's Hiroshima Peace Park, has been given to the Tribute WTC Visitor Center in New York by her aging brother. The crane is a symbol of peace, and is displayed with other cranes that were placed on the fences around Ground Zero. http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/12/17/origami.gift/ 

The Times (UK) December 19, 2009 "David Nicholls remembers his origami years" - "But perhaps, if some day I get a moment, I might just make one last attempt at the grand piano on page 83 of Origami 4. It has legs, a lid, a music stand, all from a simple single square of paper. As Robert Harbin himself might have said, “A great fold.”"  http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/article6950657.ece 

January 6, 2010 in the Edinburgh Evening News - "And after three years of toil, artist Celia Richards' mission to sculpt 1,000 bus tickets into miniature birds was almost complete – until she faced an unexpected hurdle. New machines are currently being installed on all Lothian Buses which churn out tickets of a different shape and size." http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/Artists-bus-ticket-origami-project.5958752.jp 

Ottowa, Canada has started a "Green Bin Program" which provides a small countertop bin to collect organic waste for composting and a larger bin for outside. The program includes instructions for folding a liner for the countertop bin. The fold used is the traditional cup folded from 3-4 sheets of newspaper. Apparently a number of people were confused by the instructions so a youtube video showing a 6 year old completing the fold has been added.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfEX85V9n8w and http://www.greenbinottawa.ca/Libraries/Green_Bin_Tools_English/Origami_Bin_Liner.sflb.ashx http://www.ottawa.ca/residents/recycling_garbage/green_bin_program/index_en.html 

January 2010, "Giving in a Down Economy: What Do Hard Times Mean for Nonprofits?" By Lauren Wilcox. The photo that accompanies the article shows a paper boat tossed on a stormy sea. http://www.heifer.org/site/c.edJRKQNiFiG/b.5723207/ 
illustration by Mariusz Stawarski

January 2010 - "Raglan’s origami dolphins showcased at Museum" The Waikato Museum (NZ) featured an exhibition of 1,111 origami dolphins folded by members of the Raglan community. The number relates the estimated 111 Maui dolphins left versus the 1000 in existence prior to 1970, as well as the Japanese legend that folding 1000 paper cranes will ensure your wish will be granted.

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