Origami Sightings - Fashion

Compiled by Janet Hamilton

There is an advertisement on page 84 of the 10/1996 issue of Metropolis for a line of clothes that can be folded in many ways to vary their appearance...and it is named Origami. The copy states "Origami: the ultimate convertible", and the ad itself is meant to be cut from the page and folded so that the graphics line up and make more sense.

The Bible of clothing origami has to be the US Navy Bluejacket's Manual.  They have a technique for folding every item of clothing in a sailor's seabag.

Time South Pacific, October 19, 1998, "Modern Mode" fashion report: “This season, Prada intermingled its new sport line--nylon parkas and rubber Wellingtons--with empire-waist dresses, kerchief tops and leather skirts decorated with mirrors or origami flowers.”

Entertainment Weekly,  April 17, 1999, in the article called "Gotham A-Go-Go", states “Seemingly inspired by designer Rei Kawakubo, Calvin [Klein] presented dresses wrapped with obi-like sashes and sweaters tucked into high-waisted skirts. 'It's like origami,' says stylist Phillip Bloch. But don't expect many of these looks on the racks. 'The stores buy the classic suits.'”

Back in 1996, the Wireless catalog (a catalog for fans and friends of public radio) carried a lovely Navy blue silk tie for $35 with paper airplanes flying across it. Looks like the Library of Congress shop is also carrying it, or do a google seach for other shops.

The summer preview 1998 edition of the Signals catalog (a catalog for friends and fans of public television) had the following item advertised on page 30:
Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of origami—folding paper squares into elaborate shapes of animals and objects --this shirt will complement your artistic spirit. Embellished with retro fabric patches in a variety of patterns and styles, stamped with origami figures down the front, the oversized rayon and cotton shirt has a flattering banded collar, long sleeves, and a loose, flowing fit. Coordinating rayon straight-legged pants have an elastic waist. Both are made in the U.S.A. in women's sizes S/M(8-10) and M/L(12-14). Shirt: #61929 $169.00 Pants: #61930 $79.00 Buy both pieces and save $5.00

From the N.Y. Times 6/12/90 . Old cardboard pleat making patterns for clothing with the delicacy and elaboration of origami sculptures. Illustration really looks like origami.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts Gift Collection carried several items based on a 1,000 origami cranes woodblock print from the Asiatic Collection. There was a brooch with a cluster of origami cranes and matching earrings of individual cranes in sterling silver. There was also a ladies' scarf and men's tie in the origami crane print. The scarf was aptly described as vibrant – hundreds of primary color cranes on a field of black. The ties were  in blue or dark red silk with multicolored origami cranes.

On the back cover of the Summer 2000 TravelSmith catalog is the following description of their "Crinkle Crepe" cardigan, skirt and dress: "These crinkle-pleated separates have the grace of a Greek toga and the ingenuity of Japanese origami..."

A Japan Times article on 4/22/2001,  “Fashion cuts above and shapes to come” by Chris Cook, states, “For the finale, [Naoki] Takizawa sent out a bevy of models wearing superbly constructed origami coats, the best of which was a full-length, matte tomato-red number worn by a red-faced model wearing a wildly artistic cascading floral headdress.” http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?fl20010422a1.htm

A Japan Times article on 5/27/2000, “Issey Miyake :artist, sculptor, or fashion designer?” by Chris Cook, reports, “A case in point is the Origami series, some of Miyake's earliest pleated pieces, dating from the late '80s. To some, they might seem to have been wadded and stuffed in a suitcase and forgotten for 10 years. To others they are indeed works of art and it is, as Miyake intended, the wearer who gives them life: Each movement of the body translates into movement in each pleat.” http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?fa20000527a2.htm

A Japan Times article on 11/25/2001, “Japan’s designers show they’re going places” by Chris Cook, says “The Eri Matsui offering this time appears to be as such: an experiment. What Matsui showed -- hooped skirts, shiny, sharp-looking origami dresses, asymmetrical or layered pieces with candy stripes, pinstripes and pleating -- was not a disaster.” http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getarticle.pl5?fl20011125a1.htm

Donna Karan New York (DKNY) marketed this origami purse:

An Origami Wedding Dress made by Mariana Leung. It is made of silk gazar with silk shantung origami cranes. http://www.marianaleung.com 

The Origami jacket made of 100% Alpaca in dark grey. The extra large lapels fold over and button across the chest. Also, extra high collar in the back.

T-shirts in crew neck and short sleeve's. Origami color blocked Rhino on chest with Ecko Red logo below.

  CUSTO Coat OrigamiCusto is always on the cutting edge, and they certainly still are with this jacket. This jacket is made of 50% cotton, 38% viscose, and 12% leather, and the liner is 100% polyester. It has an awesome 'duster' style cut to it. There is a slit in the back, and the front has on seam hand pockets.

HolyMolie Clothing and Gifts - Sleeveless Tee With Draw String On Shoulder. Color: White, Size: S/M, L/XL 3 designs available: USA/France, Origami, and Chili Peppers.

Origami scarf by Reiko Sudo and Mizue Okada, 1997. Emulating the Japanese art of folding paper, this delicate scarf is folded repeatedly at sharp angles, then permanently pressed in a special pleating process. It opens to a faceted gemlike display, then refolds into a 3" wide strip. Made of 100% polyester in Japan. http://momastore.org/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&langId=-1 and search for “origami”
  Origami scarf Thin Origami Oblong Scarf 

December 2003 “Flat Packing - A look at Nike’s latest generation of foldable shoes” by Paul Makovsky. “[Kirsten] Schambra looked at ways to make City Knife II lighter and more packable. Her initial ideas were inspired by origami, in which paper is bisected, folded, and tucked. She sketched some quick ideas and then began experimenting with them. One concept involved slicing a piece of synthetic leather so that you could simply slip your foot into it. A second idea added creases to the form that, when unfolded, create structure.” http://www.metropolismag.com/html/content_1203/nik/

Mrs. Chicken & Mr. Rooster look on in amazement as an origami pajarita chick hatches out of one of their eggs on this rather vintage handkerchief!

Shiana Thai Karen Silver beads that look like an origami waterbomb with various designs stamped onto the surface.

The Hind activewear company created a capri pant called Origami. http://hind.com/product_display.php?product_id=71402&major_id=5 

The October 2004 Harper's Bazaar magazine features an ad for Kate Spade handbags that has several origami cranes hanging from white thread and a rather nondescript animal that could be a giraffe, llama or dinosaur with long legs.

OPI Nail Polish is offering their new colors for Spring and Summer 2005 - the "Japanese Collection". Colors include "Don't Be Koi With Me", "Holy Pink Pagoda", and "Have a Tempura Tan-trum". The website opens with a Flash animation of an origami crane flying around the screen. http://opi.com/Japanese.asp 

The Coltejer  fabric company in Colombia produced a line call "Linea Origami" in 1973. The ads stated. "The Origami line -The Japanese art of folding paper - is designed based on one of those paper models those we folded when we were children. With a stunning variety of patterns of the Origami line you can do anything, from a coat to a toy. In a style from today, very modern, dynamic, joyful... in a "very Coltejer" style. http://www.colarte.arts.co/colarte/foto.asp?idfoto=149135&img=/graficas/Modas/General/1973/Thumb/thMGenrybd1.jpg http://www.colarte.arts.co/colarte/foto.asp?idfoto=148822&img=/graficas/almacenes/Coltejer/Thumb/thColtrybe2.jpg http://www.colarte.arts.co/colarte/foto.asp?idfoto=159815&img=/graficas/almacenes/Coltejer/Thumb/thColtrz73d1.jpg 

Origami jewelry was created for a fashion photo shoot that ran in the Guardian Weekend (U.K) magazine in summer 2005. The jewelry was folded by Sharon Turvey. 

July 2005, ReadyMade, "a bimonthly print magazine for people who like to make things", carried a article called "Four Laundry Experts Judge a Neat New Trick", written by Laura Allen. The trick was a way to quickly fold t-shirts, and one of the folding experts interviewed was "MIT's Erik Demaine, who creates algorithms for problems of folding and unfolding. Erik explained that the Japanese method has the unique advantage of using gravity to force the creases out. He vowed to use the technique for all his own laundry, deeming it, quite unscientifically, "magic." " http://www.readymademag.com/feature_14_foldem.php http://www.cs.hut.fi/~demi/cloth_folding.mpeg http://www.howtofoldashirt.net/  http://uptown.jengajam.com/tshirt-folding.wmv 
steps 1 + 2steps 3 + 4

Carhartt, which makes work clothes but also a line of hip hop/skating clothes, had some shirts with origami swallows printed on them.

What: 1000 people or more get a tattoo of a crane on the same day.
When: September 21st, 2005. Also known as International Peace Day.
Why: We'll forgo the obvious "why not?" and simply say that a crane tattoo is pretty neat, and 1000 people getting one one the same day is extra neat. (Yes, we're aware that getting a tattoo does not create peace. You should be making your own individual and group efforts for peace - but why not get an awesome tattoo with us as well?)

1/2006 - A T-shirt with diagrams for an origami throwing star. http://www.syuriken.com/origami.htm 

Lucky Magazine, March 2006

The Maille Artisans International League, an art organization that shares weaves of chain maille often used in jewelry making, has a maille weave posted on their website called Origami. The created, "Frostmage", states, "This weave is a variant of Japanese 6 in 1. I have named it Origami because you have to fold a chain of Japanese 6 in 1 over itself to make it. It’s actually not a hard weave to make and it looks great." http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=8891 

Akira Isogawa: Printemps-Ete collection, 2006 Origami partially inspired the collection. Takahiro Shirai, a master of origami, was a patternmaker for Isogawa for two years before moving to Germany. http://www.theage.com.au/news/Reviews/Akira-Isogawa-PrintempsEte/2004/12/10/1102625521292.html http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/akira/index.html http://www.akira.com.au/ 

The Spring/Summer 2006 collection by Deepika Govind used jeweled tones to give an Origami-like effect to her outfits. “I have called my collection Origami, because some of the dye and printing techniques that I have used follow from the way its patterns are made,” says the designer.

Kai Kuhne has a Sping 2007 collection that is insprired by German constructivism and origami. "Dresses and shorts appeared as though they had unfolded from a previous form..." http://www.fashionwiredaily.com/first_word/media/article.weml?id=473 

In this Fall's "TIME: Style & Design" on page 78 for the article "Green is the new Black" there is an dollar bill shirt, purse and skirt.  The shirt looks as though it is based based on Jodi Fukumoto's "Hawaiian Shirt".

"Vera Wang's Dégagé Spring" by Lauren David Peden, September 16th, 2006. "...this time the designer broadened her repertoire by adding Japanese elements to the mix. ... there were obi-wrapped kimono jackets, some plain, others elaborately embroidered, and “ceremonial” brocade dresses, one of which folded over on itself, origami-style, caught at the waist with a matching self-belt. http://www.fashionwiredaily.com/first_word/media/article.weml?id=529 

The Fall 2006 series "Project Runway" has fifteen fashion designers competing for the opportunity to show their creations in the world-renowned Bryant Park tents during New York's Fashion Week. In a review of Jeffrey Sebelia, one the final four contestants, The Sun-Sentinal states "His designs are sufficiently fashion-forward with plenty of origami-like folds and even a truly inspired babydoll dress with a sheer overlay." http://www.sun-sentinel.com/features/lifestyle/sfl-lirunwaychartoct18,0,167227.story?coll=sfla-features-headlines 

Nov 14, 2006 in the Daily Mail: "Liz Jones: Fashion Addict" by Liz Jones. "[Roland] Mouret has used quality fabrics (wool, thick jersey, crepe) that won’t crease, good workmanship, such as hems finished with silk bias binding, top stitching, and lots and lots of trademark touches, such as pin tucks, Peter Pan collars and three-dimensional “origami” puff shoulders (which look wrong on the hanger, but when you wear them you think, ooh, lovely)." http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/femail/article.html?in_article_id=416064&in_page_id=1879&in_a_source= 

San Francisco designer Savannah Knoop designs sturdy, androgynous clothes under the label Tinc. One of the designs is linen pants with folds below the knee that she calls "Origami Pants".  http://www.tincwear.com/ 

LMNOTees has an origami crane flying over two cards, which seems to represent the worst possible poker hand - a two-seven off suit. The text states "I fold!" The shirt comes in men's and women's styles and in various colors.  http://stores.ebay.com/LMNO-Tees 

"Dreaming of Cherry Blossoms", January 26, 2007, by Kate Betts, tells about John Galliano's Dior haute couture show in Paris: "One after another, models in geisha makeup and with orchids and ikebana arrangements caught up in their hair emerged in glorious confections that recalled hand-painted kimonos, origami folds and even the bark of a bonsai tree." http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1582319,00.html Far From Hollywood, Janueary 25, 2007, by Cathy Horn: "Haute couture is a different game. Not only do you need piles of money, but you have to able to project yourself into a candy-pink pencil suit with what looks like a Japanese origami bird coming off the back. ... In a collection that was easily his best for Dior, and certainly his most coherent, Mr. Galliano did not spare Paris embroiderers, who gave him dragonflies and tiny, three-dimension birds, or his fabric suppliers, who made him gazar and organdy in dense triple weights, or his seamstresses and tailors, who stitched, pleated and pressed the origami folds so that they were immaculate and perfectly integrated into the whole outfit." http://www.nytimes.com:80/2007/01/25/fashion/25COUTURE.html?em&ex=1169874000&en=c46ff277e830b97b&ei=5087%0A 
François Guillot/AFP – Getty Images

2/8/2007 J. Mendel Show by Lisa Marsh in the New York Post: "Flowing gowns are where Mendel's skills really come into fruition. Black, navy, graphite and quartz hued columns were some of his best pieces, particularly those decorated with jet crystal. The origami, we could do without, particularly in the full-length version that resembled a cake plate." http://www.nypost.com:80/seven/02082007/entertainment/fashionweek/j__mendel_show_fashionweek_lisa_marsh.htm 

2/9/2007 Donna Karan Show by Lisa Marsh in the New York Post: "There was a certain beauty in the way Karan decorated her mainly black skirts and dresses with flat fans and used origami folds to cinch a waistline or make a neckline dinstinctive." http://www.nypost.com:80/seven/02092007/entertainment/fashionweek/donna_karan_show_fashionweek_lisa_marsh.htm 

2/2007 - Fernando Sierra from Bogotá, Colombia, uses pleats and tesselations in fabric to create some unique fashions. Some are made with Luisa Toro. The photos include pleated paper dresses  http://www.flickr.com/photos/elelvis/sets/72157594523457921/ 

A clothing company called Orisue produces a line of youth oriented clothing. The mission statement is "When we look at a piece of paper, it is plain, simple, and without dimensions. But when folded into an ORISUE or better known as origami, it becomes a medium of art and craftsmanship. In retrospect, a piece of fabric when cut and sewn together becomes its own stitch. You can fold a simple quadrilateral paper into any shape. We wish to fold the laws of nature, the dignity of life, and the expression of affection into our clothes. ORISUE's appeal lies within its simplicity. Simple rules and a basic set of folding maneuvers which lies in precision and discipline. Like an ORISUE or a piece of fabric, you are given this life; do something with it, decorate it, and make it your lifestyle." The company, started by Michael Huynh and Allen Doan, was originally call origami, but Phat Farm's designer, who had trademarked his own Origami brand, demanded that they abandon the name. http://orisue.com/weblog/index.html 

Target Australia recently launched a range of designer clothes by Stella McCartney that featured an origami flamingo design.  At $50 for a T shirt I am awaiting them being on sale. http://www.designersfortarget.com.au/menu.htm 

Spotted May 2007 in inVogue - "Into the fold" states that "The ancient art of origami has had a makeover. In metal, fabric and plastic, pleats and folds look edgier than ever." There are photos of various furniture, accessories, and fashions over a background tesselation by Polly Verity. A larger image can be viewed on Jeff Rutzky's page: http://homepage.mac.com/jrutzky/origamisighting/PhotoAlbum101.html 

Japanese footwear brand Onitsuka Tiger is giving its UK fans the opportunity to design their own pair of shoes using an exclusive ‘origami’ template, created by Japan’s premier artist Shin Tanaka. The shoe template is the Mexico 66, the first trainer to carry the brand’s signature Tiger stripes, and worn at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. Download the template, post a picture of your design and Tanaka will judge the entries with the winner being awarded with a pair of Mexico 66 trainers. For more information and to enter the competition visit www.onitsukatiger.co.uk 

The June 2007 issue of W Magagine included article called "Trend: Fold Strokes". On page 42, designer Donna Karan states, "the new drape is origami".

Camille Howie, winner of the 2007 Vodafone ID Emerging Designers' Award in March 2007, wow with a origami themed line. "I was trying to find a balance between origami and a “wow factor”, plus it should be wearable and desirable for the client ... I [took] simple silhouettes and built the origami on to them." http://www.lucire.com:80/2007/0526fe0.shtml 

"Leading Italian fashion designer Ferre dies of brain haemorrhage" 18 Jun, 2007 in The Times of India."The Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre, whose training as an architect had a crucial influence on his approach to fashion, has died in a Milan hospital after suffering a massive brain haemorrhage....The British fashion writer Colin McDowell has said Ferre's creations had the "power and beauty of sculpture. His clothes are powerful statements of shape and have the crisp quality of origami." http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Europe/Leading_Italian_fashion_designer_Ferre_dies_of_brain_haemorrhage_/articleshow/2130304.cms 

June 20007 - Origami Bird T-shirt original design by Robert Mars. Available in black with a metallic gold/steel blue print or in white with a metallic gold/black print. Silkscreened on Alternative Apparel. Made in Brooklyn. http://www.elsewares.com/commerce/Origami-Bird-Tee_MPD792.html 

Threadless T-shirts has a subscription club where members get a new T-shirt every month for a year. The June 2007 T-shirt was called "Destroyigami" by Ste7en.

July 4, 2007 "News from RM" by Suzy Menkes in the International Herald Tribune. "Roland Mouret's first show under his new label, RM, is a change of fashion, with the multimedia magnate Simon Fuller (of "American Idol" fame) backing the fashion brand. ... Mouret, who lost the right to his name in a dispute with his former backers, showed a "satellite" collection for summer 2008, featuring his signature seductive fit and origami folds of fabric." http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/07/04/style/rmouret.php 

August 2007 - Lucky Magazine, page 56, featured dresses from various sources with "soft origami folds".

July 19, 2007, Charlie Smith's Style Watch in the Georgia Straight newspaper (Vancouver, Canada) - "in the Georgia Straight newspaper in
Vancouver, Canada): "A paper crane usually has lots of folds, and so do Merida Anderson's elegant PaperBird Clothing designs."
A kimono-style sash gives whimsical kick to PaperBird’s skinny wool dress.

Oscar de la Renta :Origami T-Strap Sandals http://www1.oscardelarenta.com//nshop/product.php?view=detail&productid=OR-4608&startColor=Bordeaux 

August 2007 - Knitting Daily had an "Origami Cardigan" design that included no folding and seemed to be related to origami only in the way the sides overlapped at the front. http://www.knittingdaily.com/knittinghelp/origamicardigan.html 

September 2007 - Nitin Goyal uses silks, cashmeres, satin velvets and chiffons that are pressed and stitched into the intricate folds, pleats and creases to make luxury scarves, exclusive women's wear and lifestyle accessories. "His fascination for transforming a flat piece of fabric into a three dimensional piece of wearable art also enthralled past masters, Fortuny who took the craft of origami into the world of couture whilst this season the Parisian catwalks have seen contemporary couturiers Galliano and Givenchy keep the trend in the wardrobes of todays chic." http://www.nitingoyal.com/index.shtml 

September 2007 - Hoss Intropia Origami Pleated Top - "Neutral wide neck twill top with capped puff sleeves and pin tuck detailed neck. Hoss Intropia top has origami pleating along waist, two pockets on front and a zip fastening on back." http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/25789 

The cover of the 2007 Fall Fashion Issue of Surface magazine features quite an interesting modular style outfit in various shades of gray. On page 66 (trend section) are examples of designers merging minimalist forms with geometry- through referencing origami. The cover of the 2007 Summer issue featured another paperfolded dress. www.surfacemag.com 

While the fashion world has recently been overusing "origami" to describe any style clothing with a few extra creases, there are some very fashionable paper dresses shown here developed using the he "Floderer" crumpling technique, tesselations, and origami folding: http://flickr.com/photos/7314460@N04/ 

Tessellations sighted in the bottom hem of a Hugo Boss dress ad in the September 2007 issue of US Vogue.

The August - September 2007 issue of Beadwork Magazine features an "Origami Bracelet" by Leslie Rogalski on pages 62-3. "A long strip of two-drop peyote stitch is transformed into a dramatic bracelet through origami folding." http://www.interweave.com/bead/beadwork_magazine/back_issues/08_07.asp 

Brazilian Jum Nakao makes incredible paper dresses with inticate cut outs, shaping and folding. His “A costura do invisivel/sewing the invisible”  fashion show in April 2005 even had his most delicate paper dresses getting torn apart at the end. In addition, he has made folded paper installations for product launches and advertisements. http://www.jumnakao.com.br/  http://pingmag.jp/2007/12/03/jum-nakao-paper-fashion-art/ 
Jum’s installation for the Eggo launch: Letting the mini washing machine get delivered by a stork made of a thousand paper sheets. Photo by Mauricio Marconi.

January 2008 - Italian lifestyle company "Zoogami" sells fashion, eyewear, music, etc. in an entertaining way - nothing related to origami except the name matches that of a book by Gay Merrill Gross. http://www.zoogami.net/ 

February 2008 - Denim brand Lee Cooper this week launches new styles and logo by French designer Ora Ito, to celebrate its centenary. Ito’s pieces are based on origami, and his Ora-gami Jeans and Jackets will launch in the later this year, along with a T-shirt featuring a ‘dog print’ created from the diamond logo, seen below.

Fashion week London - February 2008 - Gareth Pugh's collection included origami printed outfits, with crease patterns of  stiff triangles providing volume and shape.

February 22, 2007 "Betty Jackson Celebrates 25 Years in Fashion" by Kin Woo - "The collection started off sombre and austere with lots of black, paired with quirky accessories like origami-inspired belts" http://www.dazeddigital.com/incoming/betty-jackson-celebrates-25-years-in-fashion/ 

Threadless T-Shirts offers a design called "Dog Fight" with an origami dog and a balloon dog facing off. The origami dog's thought bubble shows a picture of a pin, the balloon dog's thought bubble shows a picture of a match. http://www.threadless.com:80/product/1233/Dog_Fight 

May 2008 - Reef put out a shirt that features folding instructions for a fortune teller. http://reef.com/girls/productdetail/girls/sportswear/tanks/RF-00N040 

Floro Enterprises Inc. in the Philippines has introduced the Origami collection under the Yours by Yvette brand. Origami is a set of three handbags made of nubuck and fine-grain leather. www.feibags.com 

Three Quarter Sleeve Origami Shirts from "The Magic Scarf Company" are packable, crushable and stylish. They are sure to please your most discriminating customers who love easy care Travelwear. Fits Sizes Small to XL beautifully. Each shirt is comprised of two colors, the top color spreads to reveal a contrasting color beneath in intricate floral design folds. 100% Silky poly, delicate wash, dry flat. http://www.amazon.com:80/Three-Quarter-Sleeve-Origami-Shirt/dp/B0019N80VI/ref=sr_1_31?ie=UTF8&s=apparel&qid=1213906859&sr=8-31 

The Origami Silk Scarf by Nitin Goyal is stitched in a tessellation pattern and comes in green, plum, and blue. http://www.hiddenartshop.com/search.php?xSearch=origami 

A shirt that called It's Going Out Faster Than It's Coming in features money folded turtles heading into a wallet, and money folded rabbits heading out of the wallet. http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=5837 

Chia-Lin Wu wrote "Origami in Fashion" August 2003 for her Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design). "The focus of my work is the incorporation of three-dimensional sculptural forms into the design of my garments while still maintaining the functional purpose of the garment. Origami paper folding is the inspiration for the sculptural forms. The major endeavor was to explore and solve the relationship between the organic human forms and the geometric forms created by the origami paper folds." http://digital.library.unt.edu/permalink/meta-dc-4277:1 

AJ Dimarucot has a t-shirt design called "1000 Cranes" http://www.collision-theory.com/apparel/ http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/detail/1701?category=mens 

Origami Tote by Bottega Veneta. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod61310039&parentId=cat13030755&masterId=cat13030746&index=6&cmCat=cat000000cat000141cat13030735cat13030746cat13030755 

VPL by Victoria Bartlett Spring 2009 collection used chains of origami cranes as accessories on the runway models. http://www.elle.com/collections/14521/vpl-by-victoria-bartlett-fashion-show-spring-2009-ready-to-wear.html http://www.flickr.com/photos/36358276@N00/ 

Going green in the fashion industry - Dialog, started by Dutch-born and Singapore-raised Cassandra Postema and Malaysian Dong Shing Chiu, uses recycled textiles by incorporating small origami folded squares of mixed fabrics. http://www.dialogltd.net 

December 2008 - for sale on TypeTees, a shirt in a font that looks like folded strips of paper and states, "Origami turned my pants into this shirt." http://www.typetees.com/product/1609/Origami_turned_my_pants_into_this_shirt 

January 2009 - for sale on BustedTees, a shirt that features and origami fortune teller and states, "The future is in your hands". http://www.bustedtees.com:80/futureisinyourhands 

January 2009 - While the fashion world seems to have gone overboard recently referring to things that used to be called "pleats" and "folds" as origami, Karl Lagerfeld’s monochrome designs for Chanel Haute Couture featured real origami - or at least paper sculpture. The models wore paper flower hats and backgrounds featured paper flower fields. It took over forty people working day and night to create 6000 paper flowers. The paper head-dresses were created, in origami-style, by the Tokyo milliner, Katsuya Kamo. http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-quick-pic-high-end-origami/ http://www.viewonfashion.com:80/article/120-2807/CHANEL 

March 2009 - Actress Rachel Bilson; appeared at the Jergens and Skin Cancer Foundation's Glow In The Dark event in LA last night, in a navy and white origami-style Phillip Lim dress.

Thomas Pink Malaysia participated in Project Peace, which challenged local designers and celebrities to interpret their message of peace using a white Thomas Pink shirt as their canvas. Fashion consultant Charlz Chan created "Doves Around the World", in which pink and blue origami doves were folded from fabric and sewn on the Thomas Pink shirt in a pattern representing the north to south migration of the birds.

April 2009 - from the company Tiny Revolutionary ("all change begins small") comes a origami-themed tee-shirt printed on organic cotton using non-toxic, water-based inks. The shirt features paper cranes taking flight. A video on the site shows the printing process. http://www.tinyrevolutionary.com/peace-organic-baby-tee.html 

Dafna Levinson, a fashion designer in Tel Aviv, used origami flowers as backdrops for photos in her Summer 2009 catalog. Flowers were folded by Ilan. http://www.daphnalevinson.com/index_flash.html 

Petra Storrs designed a paper dress for singer Paloma Faith that is designed to have layers ripped off one by one during the performance to reeal a red dress. http://www.petrastorrs.com/ The web site contains other interesting paper sculptures and paper dresses.

May 2009 - Hermes, a leader in luxury bags, recently decided to let even its most frugal fans pretend. On its Web site, Hermes.com, the company published what many consider to be the pinnacle of its work -- blueprints of its signature Kelly bag. Anyone can download, cut out and create a paper origami version Choose the "I want it, I'll have it" link. http://www.hermes.com/ 

May 3009 - USA TODAY presented designer Isaac Mizrahi, the co-host and judge of Bravo's new fashion competition reality show, The Fashion Show with a challenge of his own: Transform a stack of humble newspapers into an elegant garment. The result is a one shoulder dress with diagonal pleats on top and bottom, a pleated fan on the left hip, and a folded rose at the belt (rose not shown on photo below).

A fashion shoot by photographer Boosty Holler featured origami. http://www.bootsyholler.com/fashion.html 

Zara, a Spanish fashion store featured a pair of underwear with paper airplanes in various stages of folding. The band of the underwear says Paper Airplanes. They also carried a t-shirt with diagrams to fold a bat on the front.

July 200 - The winner of the annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest sponsored by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not was Ann Kagawa Lee from Hawaii with a “Gone With The Wind” and Japanese Origami theme. http://www.greenmuze.com:80/green-your/fashion/1263-toilet-paper-wedding-dresses.html 

Octiber 19, 2009 - A lingerie model at the Shanghai Mode Lingerie trade show had origami cranes in her hair. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) http://www.dailycamera.com/fashion/ci_13595366 

November 2009 - On instructables.com are instructions for sewing a newspaper dress "all made completely from newspaper and thread, with no glue or tape.used in the process. It is surprisingly comfortable and wearable." http://www.instructables.com/id/Sew-a-Newspaper-Dress/ 

Alexandra Verschueren has a fashion inspired by paper. http://alexandraverschueren.com/work.html 

December 2009 -  Andreia Chaves' "Invisible Shoes" are low-cut boots covered in asymmetrical mirrors that reflect the wearer's surroundings The "Prism Shoes" cast unusual shadows on the ground. Both are reminiscent of origami, but are just concept footwear, not available on the market.

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